What is Monday Blues?

Monday Blues – Oh, my! The stressful, hectic nerve-racking Monday is here again. I wish Mondays don’t closely follow weekends. Why are weekdays so horrifying!

Do you feel this way? Do you get an emotional rush of depression, stress, tension, and anxiety or any other demoralizing feeling on the Monday morns? If your feelings are positively correlated with these questions, you might be a Monday Blues victim.


Going back to work after a fun-filled weekend is quite difficult especially if you hate your work life.
Contrarily, a weekend full of fun and hard work go hand in hand. If you hadn’t worked all week you won’t have relished the value beautiful weekends will bring.

You can only have an enjoyable and beautiful weekend when you have worked diligently during weekdays.

Unfortunately, at times you are not just tired, you hate your job, if that is the case, you may want to consider switching to another department or consider changing your job. If you enjoy your job and you still get the Monday Blues, below are few points you need to understand.


What is Monday Blues?
There are two sides to every Monday; The beautiful Monday and the disastrous. Positively, one may be excited about what challenges the new week has in-store. One awaits to meet new people and create new connections, learn new things, tools, techniques and experiment new things.

On the other hand, one might be frustrated with the job and altogether hates the work environment. Monday Blues can happen to anybody, be it a working class person or a student. A student may be afraid to submit an incomplete assignment to the teacher.

There may be a deadline for submission, important meetings at work, the expression of depression, sadness and low energy of not wanting to resume back to work is termed Monday Blues.

Why people experience Monday Blues?
Personally, I believe the chief reason while people experience Monday Blues is because they are not happy doing what they do. They are not in love with their jobs.


Even when they do, the accompanying stress may be too much for them to love it. They work possibly under pressure and they have this feeling they are consigned and incapacitated to do any other job aside where they work now. These reasons could possibly make anyone endure Monday Blues.

What you need to understand?
You need to realize that opportunities do not come to us. We consciously make opportunities ourselves.

Having a determined perspective and a self-assured approach towards situations will bring up new opportunities. Feeling incapacitated will bring your energy level down, Mondays, in reality, are not blue, it is your inner belief and approach to circumstances and situations that make them blue.

To be happy every Monday eve, it is imperative you discover the reasons for your Monday Blues in the first instance. Discovery and understanding this problem will lead to the solution. Unearthing and analyzing the problem is key to looking for a solution.

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