What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Recent scientific discoveries might have shown this is truer than we would imagine. In actual facts, your eye color and pattern is not only the windows to your soul but your personality as well.

We have all taken personality tests that seems to describe our qualities, flaws, and traits, providing accurate details through results and revealing secrets about ourselves. Have you ever thought your eye color would reveal as much?

Researchers at Orebro University in Sweden studied the eyes of 428 subjects by comparing their eyes to their dominant trait and were able to identify a pattern in the subjects, reading their tendency towards forgiveness, spontaneity, and compassion. This novel research focuses on the pattern and shape of the iris and considered genetic variation along and the effect of a gene called PAX6.

Though, the study did not identify eye color as a personality marker, a psychologist, Dr. Anthony Fallone at the University of Edinburgh support this theory. He said, “The eye is closely linked neurologically to the brain that you may call it the only part of the brain visible from the outside.” Therefore, the eyes hold vital clues to our brain function.

It is difficult to ascertain if your eye is a pointer to your personality, and the following information may not hold true in your case. Keep in mind the scientist need to carry out more research to formulate a compelling theory. But in this instance, and for levity, you might learn a thing or two about your personality in the process.

This is What Your Eye Color Say About You!

Dark brown/Black eyes

This eye color is rare, people with such dark brown eyes appearing almost black are often seen as mysterious. A study, however, suggests they have this eye color due to high levels of melanin in their body (melanin is responsible for skins and eye pigmentation and protect the brain cells). People with dark brown/black eyes may have faster brain connection for hand-eye coordination in sports such as baseball and tennis. People often look to them to take charge, and they are seen as natural born leaders.


Blue eyes

People with blue eyes are often considered weak, timid and unintelligent. In reality, they possess great inner and physical strength. The perception may be because blue color is associated with coldness and those having this eye color appear egotistical at first, but once you get to understand them, you will discover they are full of passion, highly inquisitive and cautious to avoid being hurt.

In a study by the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine, which involved 58 pregnant women tested for pain tolerance and the ability to recover from the stress of childbirth; in addition to dealing with issues such as anxiety and depression. It concludes that “Caucasian women with light-colored eyes — blue or green — have better pain tolerance level than Caucasian women with hazel or brown eyes.”

Grey eyes

Grey eyes are often considered blue. It is different, and people with this eye color have different personality trait compared to those with blue eyes. They are often regarded as having two personalities and possess the ability to go the extra miles for those they love in a particular moment. This ability may be an asset or a weakness depending on the situation. It is often difficult to know grey eye people on a deeper level as they have a strong natural defense. However, when you break through you win someone with fierce loyalty and a committed friendship.

Hazel eyes

This type of eye changes from green to brown depending on the lightning, mood or outfit of choice. Hazel eyes can also be irises having two different colors such as a brown outer ring and a green inner lining. This eye type is relatively uncommon as each eye can have two different colors. People having hazel eyes may have a strong sense of individuality and spontaneous personality that are often difficult to ascertain.

Brown eyes

People with brown eyes are more common than others, they demonstrate many of the traits seen in dark brown/black eyes. They are often seen as trustworthy as there are many of them. Brown eye people are loyal. Compassionate and gentle. This does not mean they are meekly submissive as they stand up for what they believe in.

Green eyes

Green eyes are rare and more desired than others, people with this eye color are considered alluring, mysterious and sexy. They often exhibit the characteristics of brown and blue eyes as they are cautious yet friendly. Green eye people are unpredictable which adds to their air of mysteriousness.

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