Five Mistakes Stopping You From Losing Weight

Most of the people I have met recently seem to have one goal, Losing weight. When I ask them while do they want do they join the gym or why do they visit the gym, they reply to avoid being obese and to reduce weight.

I can’t overemphasize how important everyone has to work in the gym to get a healthy and attractive body. It is not easy to hit the gym every now and then. Notwithstanding, many of us make some mistakes when trying to reduce obesity, and this prevents us from losing weight.

Losing weight

Below are some points which highlight the mistakes you are repeatedly repeating to reduce obesity.

1. I Know More Than The Coach

Many of us tend to hold this belief if knowing more than the gym or health instructor. Therefore we modify or altogether avoid instructions given to us by the coach.

If you serious about losing weight, you have to carry out the instructions given by the health instructor. I have observed some people in hurry to lose weight and if they do not observe a noticeable difference in few days, they get the feeling that their health instructor is misguiding them. That’s not the case.

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2. Midnight Snacks

Now you have decided you need to lose some weight, it’s important to know the reason your weight has increased or the reason you have not being able to shed that weight.

Over time, some of us have developed a habit of snacking at midnight, we regularly wake at the dead of the night and look for something to eat. We eat foods that are not good for health. If it’s important that you should eat something that late, eat a protein-rich food. This won’t increase your body weight at the same time satisfy your hunger.

3. Emotional Eater

Some people like to eat or snack on unhealthy foods when they feel sad or happy. Eating this way is not healthy. Recent studies by health experts showed that having a food-emotion connection is an unhealthy hobbit. This makes it difficult to lose weight.

4. Want The Perfect Chiseled Body

Do you want to look like a fitness model? When you see a fitness model on the media, you dream and drool of having that trimmed and fabulous Body, that gorgeous look.

Let me burst your bubbles, photos of all the models are enhanced by photoshop. Those pictures you see are edited to look attractive and beautiful. Don’t waste your time, energy working hard at the gym trying to look like them.


5. Wrong Reasons

What’s your reason for hitting the gym? Is it just to lose weight, if that’s the only reason well that reason is wrong. It is detrimental to your health. Your sole purpose of hitting the gym should not just be to lose weight, Focus on developing your muscle, build up your strength and squeeze out fat deposit within your muscles.


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