Ladies: Try These Foods To Get Your Mojo Back

Recently, awareness of male sexual dysfunction has been broadcasted throughout the media. Stumble on any male-centered health websites and some late-night TV shows, you will have come across numerous ads selling penile dysfunction drugs or even drugs containing libido-enhancing supplement.

Who is looking out for female sexual dysfunction? Women suffering from sexual abnormalities or dysfunction are on the high side than we might probably imagine or think of but because there is no public awareness by the media, it is very difficult for women to voice out or even find treatment where it is needed.

Women in this category have every reason to find help, female sexual abnormalities is an incapacitating condition, basically taking out all the fun and excitement in sex and often undermining the foundation of a healthy relationship.

So what does female sexual dysfunction and what cure are available without paying the doctor visit.


What is female sexual dysfunction?

Mayo Clinic defined female sexual dysfunction as persistent, recurrent, continual problems with sexual response, orgasm, pain, desire that distress you and strains your relationship with your partner. This simply implies that any woman suffering from an issue of any kind relating to sexual intercourse could be said to have sexual dysfunction.

At one point or the other every female experience sexual dysfunction and it can occur at any time, it can be from the point at which a woman first becomes sexually active or at a later time in her life. There are so many factors responsible for sexual dysfunction which ranges from physiological barriers to psychological problems to lifestyle issues and even emotional imbalance. Therefore, it can be a very difficult a problem to diagnose and treat.

Herbalpharmal brings to you natural cures that have the potential to cure sexual dysfunction. You can start enjoying a little romp between the sheets again!

Maca Root

Maca has for a long time being an essential dietary staple of high altitude South American communities, but recently it found its way into the North American health food arena.

Maca is an adaptogenic herb because of its stress reducing ability within the body system, irrespective of the causal agent. This adaptogenic ability makes it a good choice for women having sexual dysfunction as it is a stress and anxiety removal that oftentimes causes psychological difficulties between the sheets.

Maca is also rich in iodine and zinc, which are essential in maintaining female hormonal balance. A study carried out has proven its positive effect on female sexual dysfunction and sexual desire.


Also in the adaptogenic herb category is ashwagandha, it is the most popular of them all due to its potent stress-alleviating and inflammation-lowering capability.

Ashwagandha exerts its potency by its hormone-balancing effects. It lowers cortisol production and soothes the body’s overworked adrenal glands. It has been further shown to support healthy thyroid function; which is an essential component of healthy sex drive/libido. When there is an Imbalanced thyroid gland, hormomes can run riot and negatively impact libido, enjoyment, and propensity for orgasm,  an important of good sex, many women will agree with.


L-arginine is a type of amino acid found in dairy products, poultry, red meat, fish, unfortunately, most women do not eat enough (or any) of these foods, thereby leading to a lack in these important amino acid.

Deficiency in L-arginine can result in female sexual dysfunction. It is therefore essential to supplement with high-quality L-arginine products for those having difficulties having fun in the bedroom. Research has shown that women on L-arginine treatment can recover the use of healthy sexual function within a comparatively short period of time.

The journal of sex and marital therapy published a study which shows that almost three out of four women given a supplement containing L-arginine experienced an improvement in their overall sex life, with an overall improvement in clitoral stimulation, sex frequency sexual desire and reduction in vaginal dryness.


Asian ginseng

Within the same adaptogenic herb category is ginseng. Ginseng is well known for its ability to reduce stress and balance hormones within the body. It works holistically, rather than focusing on a definite symptom. Oftentimes it is an handy ally in the fight against female sexual dysfunction.

In 2010, a study was published in the journal of sexual medicine, it was reported that menopausal women given Korean red ginseng extract (more commonly known as Asian ginseng) experienced significant improvements in sexual arousal. It was assumed that this effect was due to the hormone-regulating property of ginseng, making up for the hormonal imbalances that come part and parcel with menopause onset.

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