This Is Why You Should Go Commando To Workout Ladies!

Face it – the panty lines visible through your workout pants give you the creep. The moment you go into the second set of squats, you often run to a private corner to pull them off. Wearing panties to workout is a hassle most ladies would love to be free of. Well, guess What? You can go commando during a workout, it won’t harm you, in fact, it comes with a lot of benefits.

These are reasons you should consider not wearing panties to workout

Free flow of air

Synthetic panties have one problem – they do not allow free flow of air. According to Dr. Carolyn A. DeLucia, FACOG, MD, of VSPOT Med Spa, aeration should be the most important thing to consider when buying underwears. Cotton is best but going commando is better.

Harmful bacteria are less likely to hang around

Bacteria have no place to hide as long as you wash your workout pants or shorts immediately after workout sessions. This cannot be said of synthetic panties, and thongs, bacteria hang around all day – unless you change.

Yeast infections have time to clear up

Commando style allows a better flow of air, which helps existing yeast infections to clear up. Itching and skin irritation will be eliminated after going commando for a while.

This Is Why You Should stop Wearing panties to workout

There is way less friction

The combined effect of sweat and heat is never a good feeling, especially during motion. Combine this with the restriction wearing panties to workout cause – you will not be comfortable with the resulting friction.

Your sex life may get a boost

Most women have reported they feel super sexy without underwear when they workout. When there is no need to worry about pulling the fabric out of your crack or panty lines, you become way more confident. Hmm, this confidence can do lots of wonders for your sex life.

Your circulation will be better

If you wear tight underwear during a workout, you are compromising your air circulation, especially if you wear body shaper. Rigorous exercise and restricted circulation are never a good combination.


Best workout clothes for crotch health

Now that you have seen that going commando is the best and right thing for you, but unsure what type of workout pants or shorts material is healthy for down there, consider the following tips;

Avoid fabrics that don’t breathe: Avoid clothes made from plastic-based materials or rubber-based materials. These material trap sweat and keep it from evaporating leading to an increase in your body temperature during a workout session.

Cotton is not a great choice: yes, cotton feels gentle against your skin when it is dry, the minute it gets soaked with sweat, it becomes very heavy and trap moisture against the skin.

Wear clothes suitable for your workout: You should consider comfortability and functionality when choosing workout clothing. For some workouts, loose clothes are fine while for other workouts such as cycling, you should consider something tight like spandex. Ensure whatever you wear does not get in the way of your workout neither should it compromise your safety.

Consider the season: this is important especially if you exercise outdoors. Choose breathable fabrics that drain sweat away from your skin. Consider layers on cold days that are easily removable when your body temperature goes up.

There you have it, ladies, toss your panties to the side and experience the freedom and benefits of exercising commando style.

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