These Are the Best Insoles for Work Boots on The Market

If you work at a job that requires you to wear work boots for long, you may experience discomfort and pain after long periods. Walking around a warehouse or standing next to a machine for several hours in a work boot can take its toll on your feet.

A simple way to make your workday comfortable is to use decent insoles for your workbook. Here we have reviewed the best insoles for work boots that provide comfort, support and absorb shock as you navigate your workday.

A Comparison Chart of the Best Insoles for Work Boots On the Market

Product Name

Moisture Control

Arch Support

Best Feature


Customer Rating




Impact absorbing gel






Premium EVA material

$9.99 - $19.98





Anti-slip velvet fabric



An insole should provide support and comfort; it is an outer, inner sole worn by placing inside your shoe for extra cushion. If you perform strenuous activities on your feet that involves plenty of climbing, standing or walking, an insole can make the difference. Below are the top three best insoles for work boots at a glance.

5 Of The Best Insoles for Work Boots

  1. Gel Comfort Insoles by Miscly – Top-Rated Insole for Work Boots


Buy Gel Comfort Insoles by Miscly from Amazon

This insole is arguably one of the Best Insoles for Work Boots on the market. This insole by Miscly is suitable for all categories of leg size. It comes with size markings which makes trimming to the leg sizes super easy.

The gel comfort insoles have a honeycomb design which provides top class cushion for comfort. They are made with the comfort of the heels and arch in mind and offer an excellent cushion for these parts. It also has ventilation holes to keep your feet dry and fresh as you navigate your day.

This insole will serve you whether you do a lot of walking or you stand a lot. It is ideal for all terrains and surfaces, bringing you stability and comfort all day.

You will find a significant impact absorbing gel, deep hip cup, anti-slip polyester top-layer and arch support giving you a premium feel and making your feet happy all day long.

The gel comfort insoles have an antimicrobial insole; it is highly breathable, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day, every day.

It is made from good quality materials, making your boots very comfortable to wear. Its shock absorption property makes it the ideal insole for reducing muscle fatigue in the legs and feet. You can insert it in hiking shoes, casual shoes, sneakers and shoes/boots.

Few people have difficulty in trimming this insole to their sizes. And some complain the insoles are thick which makes their footwear tight, ensure you consider these two factors when making your purchase.


  • Highly customizable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Very thick
  • Might be difficult to trim for some people
  1. Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles by Walkhero – The Best Insole for Flat heels


Buy Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles by Walkhero from Amazon

The Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles is designed and developed by walkhero. It is specially made to correct pronation also called flat heels.

This manufacturer is known for its high-quality insoles which have helped millions of people. And they produce these insoles at a low price.

Featuring anatomical arch support, it improves leg and foot alignment while making you very comfortable. This design also eases pain and stress caused by pronation (flat heel), diabetes, arthritis, and bunions. Furthermore, it relief heel spurs & heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis), a ball of foot pain and Achilles Tendonitis.

The Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles has a deep heel cup that maintains correct foot positioning. It also helps to prevent the impact of heavy landing, during running, walking and stabilizes your foot.

The excellent pain relief and shock absorbing property are as a result of the premium EVA material it comes in. This material also keeps your feet dry by sucking all the moisture and sweat produced by your feet.

This insole is suitable for everyday use. Whether you require control and comfort in hiking shoes, boots, work shoes, you will get cushion and support for all your daily need.

 Its top anti-microbial fabrics help reduce friction on hot summer days. It is perfect for feet conditions such as Overpronation, Bunions, Supination, Knee pain, Arthritis, Foot, Arch, and Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis and Flat Feet.   


  • Anti-microbial top fabric
  • Excellent pronation control
  • Resilient arch supports
  • Instant pain relief


  • Can’t be machine washed

  1. Orthotics Insoles/Inserts/Pads with Arch Supports by WAKI HOME – The Best Insole for Feet pain


Buy Orthotics Insoles/Inserts/Pads with Arch Supports by WAKI HOME from Amazon

Sports injury, strain, work-related injury, strenuous exercises, walking for a long time and standing for a long time are just some of the reasons you might have a deformed arch.

It can, therefore, lead to cervical vertebra pain, low back pain, knee pain, tibia supination, arching forward your shoulder blade, body lean forward and general body imbalance.

As a result, you need an orthotic insole with arch support, and this one made by WAKI HOME is a perfect fit. It is ideal for many foot problems such as Shin Splints, Ankle Pain, Ball of Feet Pain, Overpronation, Bunion, Supination, Knee pain, Arthritis, Feet, Arch and Heel Pain, Flat Feet and many more.

The insole comes in a skin-friendly, high-quality anti-slip velvet fabric and a high-density PU foam. What you wear is a delicate, soft and highly breathable insole which makes your feet cool and comfortable all day. There is no risk of having a feet odor.

The Orthotic insole by WAKI Home also comes with a high polymer EVA for excellent cushioning and elasticity for shock absorption and preventing wear and tear on your legs.

If you are having a problem with blood circulation, fascia strain, and fatigue when moving, this is your insole. It features a medical science design which uses a three-point support mechanics which are:

Forefoot, arch, and heel for relieving arch pain and correcting bad walking posture.

A U-heel design for feet stability; that reduces the friction between shoes and feet.

The ventilation holes; for breathability, moisture, and sweat absorption.

It is an excellent insole, but few people complained it is too hard and prefer them a bit softer.


  • U-heel design
  • Anti-slip velvet fabric
  • Arch support
  • Medical science design


  • Might be too hard for some
  • High arch support.
  1. Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles – The Podiatrist Recommended Insole

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Buy Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles from Amazon

If you are looking for an insole highly recommended by a podiatrist, you found one. The Powerstep insole provides comforts and supports the body. It will improve your body and get you back to the activity you love doing.

It comes with a durable EVA foam base, a plush top layer and a variable cushioning technology. These works in tandem to provide a dual layer of controlled and targeted cushioning, enhancing the comfort and support you feel in your shoes.

This insole is firm yet flexible, providing top-notch arch support, and a deep cradle which improves stability and comfort. You will have greater mobility and control while running or walking.

Furthermore, it comes in friction and heat reducing fabric which keeps your feet dry, fresh and odorless during strenuous activities.  Your feet will be blister-free, healthier and comfortable.

This insole is the ideal orthotic for discomfort associated with sore and tired feet, flat feet, heel and arch discomfort, metatarsal pain, mild to moderate pronation, pain associated with plantar fasciitis, and many other foot conditions.

You can wear this shoe insole on all arch types, be it low, neutral, and high arches, you are good to go. It is also a good fit for many shoe types with removable insoles – work, dress, casual and athletic shoes or boots.

A few people have complained that the insoles are thin and do not provide enough cushioning.


  • Durable EVA foam base
  • Podiatrist recommended
  • Deep cradle for stability and support


  • Thin foam
  1. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole – The Insole with microbial odor prevention

Timberland PRO Men's Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole

Buy Timberland PRO Men's Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole from Amazon

You might need to spend several hours standing, walking or even running around at work, but your feet will not know with the super-comfort and support of the Anti-Fatigue Technology Insole Timberland PRO®.

The Timberland PRO Anti-Fatigue Technology absorbs shock on every impact and returns energy to every critical zone of the foot.

It has an OrthoLite® x-40 high rebound open-cell foam which is moisture-wicking, and highly breathable. Which also confers microbial protection, odor prevention and provide maximum shock absorption on high impact situations.

The Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Replacement Insole has an Outlast® top cover which provides temperature and antimicrobial odor control. Your feet will feel cool, dry and protected all day long.

The anatomically contoured footbed will cradle your foot for support and comfort. It is a design that adapts to all foot shapes. 

If you work in a very demanding environment, this insole provides a solution to provide ultimate protection, durability, and comfort. It is wearable as an accessory to work boots, shoes and as an anti-fatigue insole.

This insole provides a carefully engineered upgrade on traditional insoles in terms of comfort and performance.

Timberland is a world-renowned brand for premium footwear, and you would expect that their products come with the highest quality material, technology. You can’t go wrong by purchasing this insole.


  • Anti-Fatigue Technology Insole
  • Anatomically contoured footbed for support and comfort
  • Temperature and antimicrobial odor control


  • Comes in only one color (orange)

Who Needs to Use Insoles?

If you wear work boots, you can make it more comfortable by wearing insoles. Construction workers, truck drivers, factory workers wear safety boots; wearing a fitting insole is a good option. Both men and women can wear insoles and, it is available for all shoe sizes.

How do Insoles as a Work boot Accessory Work?

Insoles provide a cushion between the bottom of your boot and the soles of your feet. It is made from soft materials such as foam and gel to stand on, which also serves as a shock absorber. Insoles help to reduce the pressure exerted on the feet while you are wearing your work boots.

The insole also supports the arches of your heel and feet area. When walking, standing or running in a pair of work boots, your heel and arch might be in a lot of stress. Insoles help reduce the pressure and impacts to your feet making them less tired. It will also help to prevent sores and blisters.

Medically, it has been proven that wearing insoles in the workplace is beneficial.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Insoles for Work Boots.

Size of the Insoles

Buy perfectly fitted insoles for your work boots so they can stay in place. If you buy a smaller sized insole for your work boot, it will move around, and if too big it won’t be comfortable. Buy an insole which matches your regular shoe size, select a suitable size when ordering.

Quality of Material

When making a purchasing decision, select an insole made from good quality materials. Materials that are durable and provide the needed comfort and support. If you purchase an insole made from quality materials, it will wear thin quickly and won’t provide needed protection. High-quality foams, fabrics, and gels will last longer and provide the cushion and comfort you need.

Moisture Control

Select an insole which keeps your foot dry and cool while wearing your work boots. While walking, standing or running for a long time, your feet will sweat. If the insole retains moisture, you will be uncomfortable. You may experience unpleasant odor and bacterial infections. 

Here is a short list of what to look for at a glance

  • Select insoles that cater to your shoe size
  • Select insoles made from high-quality material
  • Select insoles that are breathable

The Best Insoles for Work Boots Is …………

All reviewed insoles are of high quality; they are the top 5 available on the market now. When inserted in a work boot, you will feel comfortable instantly. They are inexpensive and made of high-quality materials. Also, they are useful for both men and women.

After considering the mandatory features, the best insoles for work boots is the Gel Comfort Insoles by Miscly. The gel offers superb levels of comfort supporting the arch and heel of the foot. It is also adaptable to all foot size and fit all work boots sizes.

If there is any other of the above-reviewed Best Insoles for Work Boots that you think should be the top rated, please indicate in the comment box. Thank you.

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