The most important season to clean your carpets

The most important season to clean your carpets – Many people wonder what season of the year is best to have their carpets cleaned. Do you belong to this category? Well, that makes plenty of you. This question often comes up every year among individuals and in households, when it’s time to take a decision on the most important season to clean your carpets.  In Dublin, people tend to have their carpets cleaned in the spring, while others prefer summer.

This happens because most household only thinks about having their carpets cleaned during the spring cleaning time, others think cleaning in the winter is not a good idea, and they would rather wait for another time.

How often do you clean your carpets, regularly? Our guess is you probably don’t clean until you have visitors or guest coming or when there is a visible layer of dirt on your carpet. Fact is most of us don’t clean our carpets regularly, if you think about the dirt, germs, bacteria that may be lurking under those beautiful carpets, you might want to have a rethink, such that it will become easier to decide the most important season to clean your carpets.

The picture of a carpet being cleaned

These are some of the reasons to clean your carpets;

Improved appearance

Your carpet will look sparkling clean, removing dirt, moisture, and debris from your carpet.

Improved Smell

Traffic from near and far distances will bring dirt to your carpet, loop in accidental spills and you get a blend of odor which might permeate your home making it smell bad.


Maybe the most important reason of all, carpets can harbor harmful pathogens which may negatively impact your health.

So, summer, winter, fall, when is it going to be? Many people would actually prefer to wash their carpet after grueling winter weather, so they could have everything thrown on their carpet out by washing and get ready for spring, after which we can open our doors letting in fresh air. Below are some reasons, let’s make a case for the most important season to clean your carpets

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Winters sometimes come with plenty of snow, moisture, and rain. Well, in this case, you might want to consider a spring carpet cleaning. After the nasty winter weather, your carpet will be embedded with dirt, moisture, mud etc. you might want to consider a spring cleaning.


In Ireland, the summer months are spent outdoors, in the swimming pools, going on sightseeing, vacations reducing the traffic at home. If the condition of your home is like this, this is an opportunity to clean your carpet.


Many people have their carpet cleaned during the fall, the intention most times is to make your home sparkling clean for the holiday, and to usher in the winter months. If you normally have long winters, you might want to have your carpet cleaned during the fall.


The winter months are oftentimes characterized by indoor activities, shorter days, closed windows, indoor heat etc. we spend most of the day indoors, and after the traffic and bustling of the fall months which have the potential of loading dirt and debris into your carpets, this might be the perfect time to have our carper rid of this nuisance.

Whatever period works for you, it’s important you get your carpets cleaned regularly, take into consideration the period of the year and your personal preference and decide the most important season to clean your carpets.

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