The Biggest Earth Problems And How To Solve It.

It is very obvious the earth is facing a number of challenging problems in recent times. Climate change has brought about negative impacts in certain areas, natural disasters are more frequent than ever recorded in history, weather patterns have been altered and there is an attendant increase in global temperature.

Folks all over the world are waking up to different environmental challenges every year, and more recently on a daily basis. These earth problems have the capacity to negatively impact the planet landscape in ways beyond what we can ever imagine.

Continue reading to discover myriads of issues we must consciously tackle in this decade moving forward. No man-made technology or machination can adequately replace nature’s technology perfected millions of years ago to provide an enabling environment for the survival of species on earth.

Pollution is one of earth problems
Environmental pollution


The earth is becoming increasingly polluted, it is one of earth biggest problems, water pollution, land pollution, air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. Many factors have been attributed to the increase in the different pollution types. Chemicals from daily use products and those released by appliances, improper waste disposal, burning of fuel, vehicle smoke are some of the world biggest pollutants today.

Health, security and environment experts are canvassing for the use of more earth-friendly products. Manufacturing plants, production units, and companies have been advised to “go green”, the use of planet-friendly materials or eco-friendly materials and methods for production. However, getting companies across the earth to adhere to “go green” manufacturing of goods will take a while.

Pollution has devastating effects, and these effects have been seen and felt by everyone in recent times. There have been reports of new disorders and diseases. Pollution plays a hugely significant part in ozone layer depletion and climate change. It’s time Global leaders rise up to this growing challenge and take a firm stand as to promote a pollution free planet which is important to healthy living.

Burning of Fossil fuel is one of earth biggest problems
Save the trees

Depletion of Natural Resources

The earth different industries run and depend on fossil fuels to provide energy, and this has depleted the natural reserve. A reduction of this natural reserve is not really the issue here, it is the consumption and burning of fossil fuel. The consumption of the number source of world energy poses adverse environmental effects chiefly the emission of greenhouse gasses. The emission of Greenhouse gases has resulted in two major planet problems we face today: erratic climate change and global warming.

We need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel for energy production, industries need to explore cleaner, alternative energy sources, and methods. The more advanced cleaner energy sources that have been explored include; geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy and many more. Among these alternative energy sources, the solar energy has gained more popularity. Installing a solar energy system requires high cost; however, recent installation has been more pocket-friendly.

Regulatory bodies and government agencies need to sensitize the populace on the benefits of these alternative energy sources instead of burning fossil fuels.


Deforestation is one of earth biggest problems


Plants which forms a large part of living resource in the forest plays a hugely significant role in maintaining the eco-system. The growing population, however, has led to the loss of biodiversity, deforestation, and encroachment of the forest floors. Plants are “carbon sinks”, they emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

Deforestation ultimately reduces the number of plants readily available to absorb carbon dioxide, thereby causing carbon dioxide to be absorbed by the atmosphere, leading to a condition known as global warming.

The earth oceans are under increasing stress as toxic chemicals and plastics are dumped into the sea, causing food poisoning and destroying the ocean biodiversity. Fish are taken from the oceans unsustainably, about 92% of the world fish population overfished. 50% of the planet coral reefs have been lost in the last 30 years. The planet has recorded a loss of nearly 50% of its marine species populations.

Deforestation and cutting down trees for timbers has other negative effects. It leads to displacement and loss of biodiversity as several species of plants and animals are displaced from their original homes and their habitat destroyed.

As the emission of greenhouse gases increase, climatic conditions will worsen, the atmosphere will be left to absorb greenhouse gases, there will be more global warming and erratic climate changes, earth problems. As of now, it is estimated that the total percentage of greenhouses gases due to deforestation is around 15%. We need to start protecting our forest and maybe creating artificial ones!


Depletion of the Ozone Layer

One of the major reasons why the ozone layer get depleted daily is the release of chlorofluorocarbons produced by day to day products and appliances. The depletion of the ozone layer has resulted in erratic climate changes and global warming.

Chlorofluorocarbons have created a very large hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic. The implication of a depleted ozone layer is the penetration of harmful UV rays which damage living tissues into the planet. Conscious efforts should be taken globally to reduce the emission of chlorofluorocarbons, this is one of the earth problems that can’t be solved in a hurry.


Loss of biodiversity is one of earth problems
The sixth extinction/Loss of Biodiversity

The Sixth Extinction

Wondering what a sixth extinction mean? It is another name for loss of biodiversity. The loss of biodiversity is increasing at an alarming rate due to human activities on the earth. Population increase has increased the pressure for more human habitats, thereby leading to the destruction of the natural habitats of many floras and faunas, which in turn have a negative effect on the food chain. The sixth extinction has a ripple effect which will tickle round and affect our planet in decades to come increasing our already complex environmental issues.

A Final Word

Health, security, and environmental experts need to rise to this extraordinary occasion to brainstorm, develop and enact effective and timeless strategies to solve earth problems. More people, organizations, and industries need to take actions and consciously raise their voices collectively in the name of the earth to save the human race from impending environmental destruction and to bequeath a healthy environment for future generations.

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