Sweating is Healthy and What Happens When You Don’t

Many people see sweat as a nuisance: it leaves stains and rings on clothes, and often have an unpleasant smell. However, sweating is healthy, and if you don’t sweat, things can go awry quickly.

The following are healthy reasons why sweating is healthy

Sweating cools you down

Sweating is one of the numerous ways the body cools itself. People who as a result of a genetic disorder or a disease state do not sweat are in danger of metabolic burnout and high temperatures. If this is not carefully managed, such individuals can suffer from heat stroke and exhaustion.

For healthy people without these conditions, as the temperature rises either due to weather or other artificial reasons, the more sweat their body produces. This in a way keeps your internal temperature balanced.


Sweating aids in detoxification

One of the body detoxification channels is through the skin. When we sweat, toxins and pathogens trapped in skin pores are released. This helps your skin become radiant and preventing many unwholesome skin conditions.
According to health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola, sweating is healthy, it help rid the body of heavy metals and bisphenol-A (BPA).

Boosts immunity

Detoxification through sweating helps the immune system to expel pathogens from the body. During a fever, microbes that can’t stand high temperature are destroyed. When the body sweat, these viruses, and bacteria are released along with the extra heat.

Sweating may protect your kidneys

A natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola said breaking up a sweat regularly through regular exercise help reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. He theorizes this is likely because salt is released with the sweat, with the extra water that gets consumed during exercises.

Sweating proves your workout is effective

During a bike ride, brisk walk or jog, we break a sweat, which indicates our body is undergoing a cardiovascular activity. Remember to stay hydrated and replace all body fluids lost through sweating.

Sweating is healthy, it is a natural body activity. Therefore, it is one reason to avoid antiperspirants along with other chemicals such as dangerous aluminum compounds. If you are worried about sweat odor, rub some natural coconut oil mixed with your favorite essential oil on your armpit – but don’t mess with the sweat itself.



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