Scary Reasons To Avoid Drinking Too Much Lemon Water

Who doesn’t love a delicious and refreshing lemon drink? It is an excellent source of vitamin C which is important to reduce the risk of a cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, support weight loss, skin health, and aids digestion. Plus, it keeps your breath fresh and lemony!

And oh! It tastes great – Yummy!

Well, unfortunately, it is possible to have too much of lemon water, and this can help negatively impact your health and well-being. A cup a day won’t hurt you, but downing several cups of lemon water can cause harm and develop into serious health problems.

It is imperative to note that there is no set daily amount of lemon that is safe, our body systems are different, and we tolerate things differently. Having said that, the following six health issues can stem from drinking too much lemon water. If you are experiencing any of this, it is about time, you tone it down!

1. Lemon water can harm your tooth enamel

drinking too much lemon water is not good for your enamel

Sugary foods are bad for your teeth, lemons are pretty rough on the enamels too. Lemons are acidic, and it can erode your enamel warns the American Dental Association if consumed in excess.

You will observe yellowing of the teeth and a roughness sensation as symptoms of damaged enamel. Try running your tongue along your teeth, if you sense a sand-papery feeling, instead of a smooth consistent – you might have a damaged enamel.

Another sign you might have tooth problems is sensitivity or pains. If for instance, you experience a jolt of stabbing pain in your teeth after a cold or hot drink, then there might be a problem. If you are experiencing any of these, cut back on your lemon water and go see a dentist.

2. Lemon water can exacerbate cavities

Too much lemon water is not good

Lemon water doesn’t just attack the enamels off your teeth, it also aggravates issues with cavities. Cavities are usually a result of bacterial activities, it munches on sugar and excretes acid. Natural lemons don’t aggravate cavities, but in combination with sugar, you create a perfect condition for cavities to develop.

3. Lemon water can mess with your tummy

lemon water can turn your stomach

Lemon water can be soothing for some, for others reverse is the case. Everyone has a different unique body system, and our stomachs are not left out – they have their own mood! Some people stomach can be placed in a really bad mood, causing irritation and pains. If you are suffering from a stomach ulcer, please stay away from lemon water, it can aggravate your pain and make you feel absolutely terrible.

Furthermore, excessive munching of acidic foods and beverages such as lemon has been associated with the development of gastroesophageal reflux disorder. This condition can lead to heartburn, nausea, and vomiting.
Lemon water can mess with your tummy


4. Lemon rinds are gross

lemon rinds in lemon water are gross

This problem is not actually lemon-induced, it is a problem with rinds themselves. A study in 2017 published in the Journal of Environmental Health, found that 70% of lemon rinds served in restaurants are contaminated. E. coli was the chief culprit, which can make you extremely ill.

You can be exposed to these contaminants if you regularly consume lemon water with the rind submerged, so be careful. If you drink lemon water regularly, ensure you have the rinds thoroughly washed or remove them entirely.

5. Lemon juice can give you migraines

too much lemon water can cause migraine

This does not apply to everyone, as our body systems are different, but lemon juice can give you a hell of a headache. A research has shown a link between migraines and citrus. It’s essential to note at this point that the results are not consistent, with some studies unable to identify a clear link. However, pieces of evidence abound which lead doctors to often advise people suffering from migraines to avoid citrus fruits, especially if lemon has been identified as a potential suspect. So, if you experience migraines once in a while, you may want to stay away from lemon water.

6. Lemon juice can make mouth ulcers worse

lemon water can complicate mouth ulcers
Lemon can make mouth ulcers worse.

Having an ulcer on the mouth is horrible. It hurt and makes eating hell. Lemons are highly acidic and can make your ulcers very painful, this is according to the American Dental Association. So, if you regularly suffer from mouth ulcer, stay away from lemon juice.

Had good, bad, ugly experience with lemon water? Let us know in the comment below!

– Oluwatosin Jegede

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