Put Lemon in your armpits to get rid of body odor (B.O)

I am pretty sure no one will want to apply a product on their armpits, knowing fully well it is fortified with loads of harmful additives. Nevertheless, leaving a trail of B.O in your wake isn’t the most desirable either.

Recent studies have constantly educated the public about the chemicals found in antiperspirants, some have even been implicated as causing cancer. Many natural remedies exist in the market today, but with varying degree of effectiveness.

A rumor making the rounds have it that a certain fruit juice is also effective in getting rid of body odor, this rumor has been confirmed by researchers and dermatologists.

Lemon juice: An effective natural deodorant

Before we dissect the magic of the bacteria-fighting lemon juice, it is important we are able to between antiperspirants and deodorants.

Antiperspirants stops your armpits from getting sweaty and wet, it is a pharmaceutical product which is sold over the counter containing ingredients such as aluminum chlorohydrate.


Deodorants on the other hands are cosmetic products which work by eliminating or masking the odor. They are made up of fragrance or antimicrobial agent to combat Odor.

Back to lemon, it is a natural remedy, an alternative to deodorant. It has astringent properties which give it the ability to close up your pores. Oftentimes, lemon juice is the home remedy of choice to get rid of body odor, for facial blemishes and large pores.

Lemons are highly acidic, it is this high level of acidity that eliminates the bacteria responsible for the storm in your armpits. Caveat – you might want to be mindful of the acidity if you have just shaven – Ouch! Or if you have a sensitive skin.

Can any research back up these claims?

The ever-growing calls for natural alternatives, not just for Medicare, but the environment, scientists are breaking new grounds on plant-based solutions.

In a study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Opinion, which studied the combined properties of ginger and lemon. Both which have been documented to have antibacterial, sensory and astringent properties – this makes them ideal to get rid of body odor.

To prepare this combo, ginger juice was grated and pressed to extract the juice, lemons were then sliced, and juice extracted using a juice maker.

A quantitative, qualitative, subjective and microbial analysis was conducted, and it was ascertained that a 1:1 ratio combo of these juices were most effective.

Please note that this test was carried out under laboratory environment and on female subjects within the age range of 18 to 65.


According to the study, the combo of ginger and lemon has both good astringent and antimicrobial properties in low concentrations. The study further stated that in developing antiperspirants and deodorants, both ingredients should be considered.

How to use lemon in your armpits to get rid of body odor

The process of using lemon in your armpits is quite easy, as you step off the shower, ensure your armpits are completely dry, cut a lemon in halves and generously apply it to your armpits.

Allow adequate time for your armpit to soak up the juice, as the goal is to allow the citric acid to seep into your pores. This inhibits the activities of the bacteria in your armpit. While waiting to have your armpit dry, you can engage in a dance, brush your teeth or wash your face as you deem fit.

If you are considering using the lemon more than once, maybe for the next couple of days, placed it in the fridge inside as easily discernable container. You wouldn’t want someone making a vinaigrette with your armpit lemons.

It is essential you note that lemon juice can also be used as a bleaching agent, hence the emphasis on getting your armpit dry before you have your clothes on.

Furthermore, your skin can become more sensitive under the sun, this is simply called a phototoxic reaction. If you plan on laying on the beach with your armpits out, you might want to consider another remedy.

Body odor and diet — what’s the connection?

If after trying this natural remedy you can’t seem to curtail the smell of body odor, you can’t get rid of body odor, you should take a closer look at your diet.

Your body odor is a pointer to the state of your general health. For instance, some metabolic disease like trimethylaminuria can make your body odor worse.


Stress is also implicated with an increase in body odor, but can your body odor be influenced by the type of food you eat?


Consider the fact that sweating is a form of detoxification. Sweating helps eliminate toxins which can result in bad odors. Body odor can be influenced by some foods such as alcohol, red meat, hydrogenated oils etc.

In summary, our body system is unique, body odor results from a combination of bacteria and there exist about 1,000 different types found in human sweat.

Factor in genetic variabilities and lifestyle factors – you have your own unique smell.

Sweat is a natural body process and oftentimes, our “desire” to cloak body odor is based on cultural and social norms. Note the boldened “desire” – it simply implies its really not a necessity to get rid of body odor.

Nevertheless, if your body odor is a touch funky and you are on the zero-harsh-chemicals-in-your-life- divide, give the ol’ lemon a squeeze!

– Oluwatosin Jegede

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