Should You Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Waxing, shaving, letting your pubic hair grow wild and free? Which one’s the right choice?

The pubic hair is probably one of the most hotly debated hair areas of your body.

Everyone has an idea, everyone has an opinion and defends their personal pubic choice fiercely. Here at HerbalPharmal, we do not judge what your choice on your body hair is (shave if you like it or let it grow. It’s none of our business), we only want everyone to know there is nothing wrong with leaving your pubic hairs as nature intended. We’re talking about the full bush here. No shame!

Have you seen the Neanderthals? Keeping a hairy look can be Neanderthal-ish. But going hairless by shaving all shave-able including the genitals is not a wise decision. A distinguishing characteristic of mammals is the presence of hairs on specific body parts, and they perform one or more specific functions.

Body hair has a lot of advantages, and pubic hair is no exception, it is important to know the underlying purpose of pubic hair before you decide to shave them or keep them.

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Below are five reasons why you should consider leaving your pubic hair untrimmed.

1. Protection

The primary purpose of pubic hair is for protection and safety. So what does the hair protects you from? With the pubic hair below, you are protected from many viral and bacterial infections. The genital area is always moist, this environment provides a perfect condition for breeding of microbes. Your pubes form a protective sheath and protect the female parts from infections.

2. Sexy or Not Sexy?

Pubic hairs help to sweat down there, with these sweats pheromones are released. Partners get more excited by the smell of pheromones, even the fanciest perfume can’t elicit the level of excitement pheromones can induce. Furthermore, it sends fertility signals to potential partners and makes you super attractive. Now, the ball is in your court.


Pubic hair

3. Maintain a constant Temperature

Pubic hair helps to form a cushion around the genital area, it also helps to maintain a constant temperature. During cold weather’s or on colder days, the pubic hairs keep you warm and comfortable. The secreted oils and sweat from the hair following follicles help keep a cool temperature in hot weather.

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4. Lubrication

It provides lubrication, there is a possibility of having friction between the thighs if you are a bit heavily built and curved, this brings about discomfort and difficulty in walking. However, pubes provide lubrication than shaved thigh by way of the secreted oil from the follicles and the cushion provided by the hair. Friction can bring about rashes and bruises to your thighs.

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5. Risk of Skin Irritation

Shaving with a chemical hair remover, a blade, shaving stick or using a wax, you run the risk of causing damage to your skin each time you remove pubic hairs.

That’s it, folks, count on your body to thank you for keeping your pubic hair and allowing it to do its job.

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