How to avoid a Blue Monday – Overcome the Negatives!

A blue Monday simply implies despair and feelings of depression. It is one of the most dreadful feelings you can have when you hate your work life. It is important to avoid a blue Monday to avoid depression and stay happy. To stay happy, you have to love your work life.

The following tips can help you overcome a Blue Monday.

Uncover What’s Wrong
To avoid a blue Monday, you need to identify the cause of your stress and wretched Monday morning. You need to ascertain what exactly is bothering you.

Identifying the problem makes it easier to get a solution. However, it is important to note the following points;

Firstly, having a mild blue Monday is totally alright, whats needed in this situation is to encourage yourself and return to work.


All you need to do is to stay positive, strengthen your resolve saying you can handle anything, dig into your inner strength, have a smile and return to work. You can hang out and mingle with cheerful people.

However, on certain occasions, you might have a severe blue Monday. Discovering what the problem is and changing a thing or two about the way you perceive and handle situations might need adjustment, the following tips will help you get back on track.

Develop a Weekly Timetable
Develop a weekly timetable of to-dos from Monday to Friday. Every task should be clearly spelled out and time appropriately.

One task should not get in the way of another; task should be arranged according to priorities. Plans should be made for the entire day and spare time should be made for emergencies. Do incorporate time to spend with loved ones too.

Developing a timetable and strictly following it will reduce your stress and you will be less prone to having a blue Monday.

Reminisce about Exciting things coming up during the Week
This is one way to stay happy and light-hearted for the week. Rather than dwelling on how stressful your work is, it is better to think about exciting stuff in store as the week play out.


Enjoy your Weekends
The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, live presently, avoid checking office emails and worrying about office work during the weekends.

These should be left for weekdays to tackle. Let Mondays roll in with its work and hustle, check your office emails only then. Rest on weekends, spend time with loved ones, spend sufficient time with your kids and have a swell time.

Using the weekends to think about the hectic work ahead on Monday is simply refusing to enjoy the moment, reducing the possibility of having an enjoyable weekend. Do the right thing at the right time.

Enjoy your Job and have Post-work plans
You need to understand that simply having a post-work plan won’t bring you happiness at your work place.

If you enjoy your working hours, the post-work plan will certainly be great. It is important you enjoy what you do. Make people around you happy; have them looking forward to keep you around as you spread positive energy and happiness.

When the day work ends, leave behind the office stress, have a nice time with family and friends post-working hours.
And if this is not working for you, it may simply be that you do not like your workplace, or unsatisfied with your post.

You may even be feeling this job is not meant for you, if that’s the case, simply quit and look for a job that brings you satisfaction and happiness.

Be Positive and spread Positivity
If you decide to stay at your present job or leave, situations and circumstances will keep changing.
It might not be good at some point, but it’s important at such times to stay positive and meditate on how to turn things around.


Successful people take meditations seriously, its often times what’s needed to discover solutions and change unfavorably situations around.

In the workplace, be a source of positive energy to your team, try to make others happy. To do that, you need to be positively charged and it is only then you can turn unfavorable situations around.

The above-mentioned tips will help you prevent having a blue Monday, so this coming Monday when you are up and ready to start the week, brace yourself to endure everything with confidence and try to be in charge.

You can’t be happy by losing hope. While it might be risky leaving your present job and moving to another, it is important to note that nothing is worth risking your happiness for. Stay positive, self-assured, avoid a blue Monday and enjoy your life.
To your Success!

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