Natural Air Fresheners For Homes and Offices

Natural Air Fresheners For Homes and Offices – Smells are found everywhere, from rooms to kitchens, offices etc. and at times they are not very pleasant. The kitchen at times smell like garlic or fish, how do you douse the smell? Needless to mention a bathroom that doesn’t smell a bouquet of jasmine.

Before you reach for the chemical-laden potentially harmful air fresheners sold in stores which is harmful to you and the planet. Why not take a pause look around your home, you may have an alternative do-it-yourself natural air fresheners For homes and offices lying in your closet.

This article contains natural DIY ideas that are easy to make, inexpensive, cost friendly and effective. This will make use of natural ingredients often found around the house, especially the kitchen. Some of the ideas may require you to make a short stop at the store, but its worth it and you will only be picking natural ingredients. So, here they are, ward off bad smells with these ideas and keep your home and offices smelling nice and fresh.

Natural Air Fresheners For Homes and Offices


Natural Air Fresheners For Homes and Offices - coffee
Enliven your senses with coffee smell.

Coffee combats bad odors. Whether ground, brewed, or oven baked, its smell will permeate the surrounding and absorb lingering odors such as garlic or onions. Set a few bowls of coffee grounds around, or before taking out the trash whose smell affect the whole room, place coffee grounds at the bottom of new garbage bags. Using coffee grounds as an air cleaning agent.

Dried Herbal Potpourri

Natural Air Fresheners For Homes and Offices - herbal potpouri
Blend of beautiful dried flowers, fragrant herbs, and essential oils that are sure to fragrance any room

You can create a beautiful potpourri by blending beautiful dried flowers, essential oils, and fragrant herbs. The resulting fragrance from this combo is sure to enliven any room. “How to Make Herbal Potpourri

Pomander Balls

Natural Air Fresheners For Homes and Offices - pomander balls
This is an age-old, room freshening technique guaranteed to fragrance any room

You can get more creative by using this age-long fun filled room refreshing technique. Orange pomanders can also be placed in a strategic part of the house to serve as deterrents to pests, due to the clove buds’ inherent chemical properties.

Fresh Herbal Bouquet

Herbal bouquet will bring sweet fragrances to any room
Freshly snipped herbs will bring an herbaceous scent to any room

Permeate your room with herbaceous scent using freshly cut herbs such as lavender, geranium, rosemary, peppermint in small pots or vases. They will look enticing and beautiful if they are grouped together in odd numbers i.e. threes and fives on a table.




House plants will bring sweet fragrances to any room
House plants purify the air by reducing indoor allergens and pollutants

What could be more natural than a green plant? There are several plants that purify the air of pollutants and allergens. These plants that clean your home helps to reduce health risk, reduce energy consumption and ultimately purifies the air. More about this can be found in this video “Kamal Meattle on How to Grow Fresh Air.”

Simmering Potpourri

simmering potpourri is a natural way to freshen the air in your room and office
Freshen the whole house with an uplifting, spicy-citrus scent simmering potpourri

This method is as old as I can remember, it is a home freshening method favored mostly by holiday celebrators, real estate agents, and cooks. They freshen the room with a spicy-citrus scent, and odors such as onions, garlic are eliminated. The citrus and spice release essential oils which have antiseptic, antimicrobial properties which disinfect the air.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Make your room and offices smelling nice with aromatherapy diffuser

This entails diffusing essentials oils. Essentials oils have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, they will not only freshen up your home but purify it as well. To get this rolling,
Boil a pot of water, take it off when boiling
Add a few drops of an essential oil (e.g. eucalyptus or lemon).
The scent of the essential oil will diffuse through the whole room
You may consider an investment in a ring, electric, car or candle diffuser.


Natural Air Fresheners For Homes and Offices
Vinegar eliminate bacteria and disinfect the air naturally

Kill bacteria, and other microbes lurking in the air around your home with vinegar. Get an empty spray bottle, fill up one part of the bottle with vinegar to four parts water, then spray your room to freshen it. Alternatively, pour vinegar into a bowl and place in a corner of your kitchen to get rid of the smells.

These are non toxic, cost friendly, DIY natural air fresheners For homes and offices that will eradicate all smells and odors completely.

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