Milk And Garlic As An Alternative Treatment For Managing Asthma and Other Ailments.

Asthma otherwise called bronchial asthma is a condition in which a person’s airways become narrow, inflamed and swollen, leading to the production of extra mucus which makes it very difficult to breathe. The muscles around the airways are tightened when something triggers the asthma symptoms.

The occurrence of these symptoms can be closely related to some physical activities, while healthy people can show symptoms of asthma only when exercising. This exercise-induced asthma is known as exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB). It is important to stay healthy and one of the ways of achieving these is to be active.

Asthma, therefore, is not a reason to be a couch potato. Your health adviser can construct a management plan to keep asthma symptoms under control before, during and after exercise.

Millions of new asthma cases are reported yearly worldwide. It has been shown that persons with a generational history of allergies or asthma are quick to develop asthma. Most people with asthma also have allergies, this is termed allergic asthma.

An immunologist is the best health adviser trained in diagnosing and proffering treatments for managing asthma.

Different types of Asthma

There are two major types of Asthma

Childhood asthma: This affects millions and millions of children and their families; most of these children who develop asthma do so before reaching the age of four.

Occupational asthma: This is acquired by breathing-in harmful and dangerous substances when working, substances like gases, fumes, dust amidst others.


Asthma is diagnosed by taking a thorough medical history and performing breathing tests to know how well the lungs are working. One of the breathing tests is called spirometry, this test is used for measuring the severity of asthma and also how well the treatment is working. A spirometry test is performed by taking a deep breath and blowing into a sensor to measure the amount of air the lungs can hold and the rate at which the air is inhaled and exhaled.

Researches have shown that most people with asthma also have allergies. Treating the allergies that trigger asthma will help in avoiding an asthma attack or its associated symptoms


The most common symptom is a scratchy or whistling sound when breathing, which is popularly known as wheezing.

Other symptoms are:
• Chronic cough
• Difficulty in sleeping due to coughing or wheezing
• Chest pain
• Tightness of the chest
• Shortness of breath


There is no known medical cure for asthma, but the signs can be managed with effective treatment and management. Some of these include taking medications as directed and also by learning to avoid things that trigger asthma attacks. Managing asthma can be done naturally and organically.


The good news is apart from a medical point of view, which is taking drugs prescribed by the allergist or immunologist which may have a residual effect in or on the body, there are organic and natural ways for managing asthma which are not harmful.

Milk and garlic is a cure for Asthma, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Insomnia, Heart issues, Cough, Arthritis and many more
Garlic and milk as natural cure for asthma

Milk And Garlic As An Alternative Treatment For Managing Asthma and Other Ailments.

Garlic and milk is a strange combination, but it’s worth a try. When appropriate combinations of veggies, spices, and fruits are used as cures, there won’t be further need for meds
This combo is natural and warm, you should give it a shot.


500 ml milk
10 garlic cloves, minced
2-3 tsp sugar
250 ml water

METHOD: water, milk, and garlic should be added into a pot with water. The combination should be heated to a near-boiling point. Stir all the time, scoop into a cup, add sugar and drink warm.


3 garlic cloves daily at night, relieves this problem.

Take this milk 3 times per day and for effective treatment

This drink lessens the bad LDL cholesterol and stops clots to form, leaving you with a healthier heart. If you make this with low-fat milk, it will be even more effective.

Garlic is great for curing jaundice and toxin removal too. Garlic activates good enzymes and helps the normal functioning of the liver. The liver needs sulfur for body detox, and the Sulphur in garlic makes it a natural healthy source. This is important for the liver and it better for treating fatty liver disease. It also rich in allicin and selenium, this produces more bile so liver fat is reduced. Drinking this for five days, y will observe a marked recovery.

This combo reduces inflammations and pains

Garlic and milk combo will soothe you and help you relax.

Add turmeric to this combo and the perfect cough cure is here. Make garlic, milk, and turmeric for this purpose. The garlic kills bacteria and when honey is added It will solve the issue of a chronic cough.

This mix is good for lung tuberculosis. The sulfur in garlic helps relieve symptoms. Use 1g garlic, 240 ml milk and 1 liter of water. Mixed the combinations and boil until you are left with ¼ of the initial amount. Drink 3 times per day.

Take this mix warm for 7 days too, the bad LDL cholesterol will be reduced and the good HDL cholesterol will be increased.

Garlic is an antiseptic; it boasts strong immunity and aid in good digestion of food. It is also good for cleaning the lymph system and the removal of toxins. Garlic secretes more digestive juices and helps in diarrhea cases.

This milk mixture is good for problems such as impotence and infertility as well. Eating boiled garlic chunks enhances fertility for both female and male.

There you have it, milk and garlic are effective for managing asthma and some other ailments.

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