Lemon Lime Spray Multipurpose Cleaner

Lemon lime spray – Ever wanted an homemade cleaner which can be used to clean everything from your windows, to the bathrooms to the kitchen? We’ve got you covered. The lemon lime spray combines the three most effective natural cleaning agents – vinegar, lime and lemon. It is going to leave your house with a citrusy scent which will inspire you to clean your house again and again.

Lemon Lime Spray

Preparation time: 5 mins

Yield: About 2 cups
This multipurpose spray combines the effective cleaning properties of three ingredients – vinegar, limes, and lemons. It is an all-purpose cleaner that can be used everywhere from the kitchen to the windows and bathrooms.

When you inhale the fresh citrusy scent, you get the feeling its time to get some cleaning done in your home. It is planet friendly, safe and cost-effective, its ingredients are natural materials and have disinfecting properties. It is easy to make, so cleaning by using this combo generously is not a problem.

1 lemon Juice
1 lime Juice
1 cup of distilled white vinegar
1 cup water


  • Extract the juice from the lime and lemon and filter through a natural cloth into a measuring cup. This ensures all pulps are removed, otherwise you will have cogs on the sprayer.
  • Add your lime, lemon juice and water together, and pour into a spray bottle
  • Spray the resulting combo over any surface that needs cleaning and allows it sit for few minutes. This allows the grease to dissolve, mineral deposits to loosen, grime to lift and disinfect the surface.
  • Generously rinse with water, unless it’s a quick clean you are performing, or cleaning windows or mirrors. Pat dry with a clean, soft cloth for a shiny look.

The combined low pH of vinegar (pH 2.2), lemon (pH 2.0) and the acidic nature of vinegar and citrus (acetic and citric acid) makes the surface inhabitable for microbes to grow on. It’s a double-edged cleaning spray.

The acidic levels of vinegar, limes, and lemons also help to dissolve mineral deposits such as calcium and lime and loosen soap scum due to its alkaline properties. Coffee and tea stains are not exempted, so it is great for cleaning kitchen sinks and many more.


You can reuse an old t-shirt as a sieve. Cut the shirt into cleaning clothes and use a piece as a sieve to remove lime and pulp.

You can extract your lime and lemon juice using a hand-held citrus juicer

If you have a hand-held citrus juicer, you can squeeze the lime or lemon backward with the inside of it set towards the drainage. This helps the essential oils which have antiviral, antimicrobial and antiseptic and bactericidal properties are released from the rind during extraction. The is an added benefit for eliminating microbes while you clean.

For tough cleaning jobs, allow the lemon lime spray to stay a little longer on the dirty surface. If you are looking to clean excessive mildew in the shower, for instance, you need to allow the spray more time on the surface before cleaning with a scrub brush. Then rinse.

Need more to carry out more scrubbing action? Add some baking soda! Add the baking soda to the shower, cooktop, oven or toilet, then create a paste by spraying the lemon-lime spray. Allow it sit for a while for tough jobs and then wash with a scrub brush or cellulose sponge. The buildup of rust, scum, grease, dirt, and odor will disappear.

Do not use products containing citrus juices or vinegar on marble, they will etch the surface. In contact with your eye, vinegar can cause irritation. Wash generously with water for 5 to 10 minutes if it makes a contact with your eyes.

Do not mix vinegar with bleach. It will form a toxic chlorine gas. So, before applying vinegar-containing cleaning products, ensure you are not mixing It with a bleached-based cleaning product (e.g. bleach cleansers or toilet bowl cleaners).

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