Just starting Your Garden? These are 6 Easy Plants To Grow.

Easy plants to grow in your garden – Rain or shine, I spent quality time in my garden if I am at home every day.

Although I live in an urban area, my yard has a large garden, where I allow my herbs and plants to thrive as they would in the wild.

Additionally, I welcome critters and set up bee houses for the little cuteness around the yard.

Yep, this is what my sanctuary looks like. However, if you told me I was going to go “greeny” four to five years ago, I would have laughed. I couldn’t even keep aloe vera alive back then.

Once I became enlightened about the role’s plants play in the natural environment, and especially what they provide us, I started by growing the easy plants’ species, before becoming a full-fledged gardener.

If you are just starting out your garden, below are some easy plants to grow in your garden, you could even eat some!

Easy plants to grow in your Garden

1. Salad greens

Easy plants to grow in your garden - salad green
Salad greens are very easy to grow.

This is one of the easy plants to grow in your garden, salad greens, lettuce grow quickly, they are highly nutritious and very easy to harvest.

They occupy very little space as they can be grown in containers, leaving space for other plants.

lettuce and other greens are often referred to as cool season crops as they do exceptionally well during the spring or fall.

Before planting, ensure the soil is loose and well-drained. About a week to planting, fortify the soil with organic matter.

To learn more about the planting process, read 9 Ingenious Tips to Grow High-Quality Hydroponic Lettuce

2. Tomatoes

Easy plants to grow in your garden - tomatoes
Tomatoes are a classic backyard garden staple.

Tomatoes do not need larger space, you can even grow it on hanging baskets. Starting out newly, you should plant smaller varieties, such as cherry tomatoes.

If you will be starting your tomatoes plant from seed, plant about 6 to 8 weeks before the average last spring frost.

Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of sunlight daily for northern regions. For the southern region, exposing the plant to light afternoon sun will help it thrive.

A quick tip here, planting your tomatoes next to basil plant naturally ward off certain pests, including mosquitoes. Learn more here

3. Green Beans

Easy plants to grow in your garden - green beans
Grow green beans in your backyard.

Green beans or snap beans grow well and requires little maintenance other than regular watering.

They can be easily grown from seed and are resistant to a wide variety of diseases.

Although pole beans and bush beans are easy to grow, if your desired growing medium is a container, you should grow bush beans – they do not require much support.

Green beans grow best under full sunlight, you should not start seedling indoors, they may not survive. Read more here


4. Potatoes

Easy plants to grow in your garden - salad green - potatoes
Try to grow potatoes

Potatoes are best grown in roles, homegrown potatoes need a little bit more space.

The first step in cultivating potatoes is to dig a trench about 8 inches wide and 6 inches wide.

If you plan on having more than one row of potatoes, leave approximately 3 feet of space between them.

Prior to planting your potatoes, mix the soil with organic compost or manure.

To start out, you need seed potatoes, the oldish type with eyes or buds.

Cut the potatoes into smaller pieces about the size of a golf ball – ensuring there are at least 2 buds per piece.

This should be done a day or two before physical planting. Wait until you observe sprouts before filling the trench. Learn more here

5. Peonies

Easy plants to grow in your garden - peonies are colorful
Peonies and other edible flowers add a colorful element to your garden

They are not a staple food in most kitchens, peony petals are great on salads, soups, desserts and many more.

This flower is beautiful and also helps attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

It is a perennial crop, and if properly taken care of, it can live 100 plus years. To ensure they have access to adequate aeration, plant about 3 to 4 feet’s apart. Learn more here

6. Radishes

Easy plants to grow in your garden - raddishes
Radishes grow well in full sun.

Radishes are in a class of its own – lucky you, its super easy to grow.

They grow fast and you can enjoy more than one harvest period each season. It is a cool-season plant; therefore, you should plant seeds about 4 to 6 weeks before the average frost.

Overcrowded plants will not grow well. After you plant the seeds – 1 inch deep and 1 inch apart, thin the seedlings to approximately 2 inches spacing.

It needs full sun like  green beans, it should not be cultivated indoors. learn more here

There you have it – easy plants to grow in your garden today, who knows where your greeny journey will take you. Keep learning and enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor.

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