Is Your Bra Making You Sick?

Is your bra making you sick? – Doctors often warn that if you are suffering from indigestion, headaches or back pains, and you can’t attribute the cause to any particular activity, it might be because you are putting on an ill-fitting bra, especially if you have large breast. Statistically, about 80 percent of women have been estimated to wear a bra that doesn’t fit properly.

Bras that do not fit can affect your gait, which can often time lead to back pain, tendonitis, and indigestion. Putting on bras with tight straps can also trap nerves and cause headaches. One major challenged women have is they tend to underestimate the width of their back and overestimate their cup size.

What this means according to chiropractor Lorna Mills is that the straps are too big, so they are continually tightened, this then leads to that neck and shoulder being pulled down, curving the spine, creating discomfort and tension, this begs the question; Is your bra making you sick?

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Lin Windram the owner of Brava Lingerie further said “If the back band is too big women tend to round their shoulders out which is bad for the posture and may cause pain,” this is because it is the back bands that should provide support for the breasts and not the shoulder straps.

Participating in a sporting activity with the wrong sports bra can also cause problems, there can be damage to the ligaments as well as skin chafing, these two are what gives the breast their shape and position. It is therefore important that you wear sports bra tight enough to support you around the band.

your bar can make you sick

In selecting the right bra, you should consult a professional as breast sizes changes frequently, the size you were wearing a couple of years back, might no longer be a right fit now. Ensure the straps are not digging into your skin, and are comfortable on your body, and the back band doesn’t ride up.

Actually, two of your fingers should be able to go underneath along the back and one in the middle of the front. Your breast should sit properly into the cups, not spilling out or leaving a gap between it and the cup.

Is your bra making you sick?

Another cause for concern when it comes to choice of a bra is chemicals, having formaldehyde in cloth these days are not uncommon, years back, a class action suit was instituted against Victoria’s secret claiming their bras caused itching, rashes, hives and permanent scarring.

A long-term Victoria’s Secret shopper to ABC News said, “I had the welts … very red, hot to the touch, extremely inflamed, blistery. It itched profusely. I couldn’t sleep, waking up itching.”

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Consequently, a law firm representing Ritter decided to carry out investigations into this allegation, they bought some bra types and have them sent to the lab. The bras were reported to test positive for formaldehyde, although Victoria’s secret denied the allegation, saying their bras were chemical free.

Ritter’s physician established that the allergic reaction observed on Ritter was caused by formaldehyde, and it furthermore stated that it believes the manufacturing procedure contain something which made formaldehyde to be present upon testing.

Victoria’s secret in January of 2013, pledged that by 2020 its products would be free of all hazardous chemicals, although this claim is unrelated to the formaldehyde issue, talking mainly about the endocrine-system disrupting chemicals known as phthalates.

In summary, the best way to avoid dangerous chemicals in clothing and bras is to buy organic wears. Your underwear is the closest thing to your body, whatever used in manufacturing these fabrics will seep into your skin.

While you might think you are getting a designer, high-quality bra from Victoria’s secret, which could cause $50 or even more, an organic cotton bra cost much less without potentially causing harm, this could save you from asking yourself the question; is your bra making you sick?.


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