Indoor Gardening Tips

Indoor gardening can be exhilarating, frustrating or sometimes a bit of both. The following indoor gardening tips will improve your indoor plant’s success rate.

Indoor gardening tips


Indoor gardening tips
Indoor kitchen herb container with artificial led lightening

Seedlings need plenty of light to grow. Even when placed by a south-facing window, they may still not have adequate lightening to grow healthily. Plants not exposed to adequate light, they won’t grow to maturity. Alarmed? Well don’t be, you can set up a cheap artificial light system easily.

Use Self-Watering Seed Starting Systems

indoor gardening tips
There are different types of self watering systems

Don’t start your seedling in a small peat pot. They will dry out easily. There are different types of self-watering starting systems which you can choose from. Popularly used is the APAS seed starting system from gardener’s supply. You can also get creative and design a self-watering seed starter from a pie plate and some string.


Use a Good Seed Starting Medium

Considering the number of seeds that grow in the wild and do just fine, you might think growing a seed is as easy as placing it in a couple of garden soil. While this is true, your seedlings might be destroyed by a fungus called damping off.

A typical manifestation of this fungus is when your seedlings are fine today and tomorrow they keel over, or dead. With all the planning that goes into starting your indoor plants, it is essential you provide your plants the best chance of surviving by using a good seed starting medium; a sterile planting mix.

Nourish Your Seedlings

Using a sterile planting mix has one disadvantage, they often don’t come with any inbuilt nutrients. Seedlings, need to extract necessary nutrients from itself. When your seedlings start sprouting, you may want to nourish it with a solution of rich organic fertilizer.

Ventilation and Wind

Plants are meant to grow outside under the elements. They get by through constant interaction with the rain, wind, and sun. Indoor planting deprives the seedlings all the care due it by mother nature, many of us even situate the seedlings in our basement, that part of the house which is very different from the natural world, devoid of air and sunlight.

It’s no surprise that moving air plays an important role in helping seedlings develop strong root and stem network. To approximate wind, you should set a fan to the lowest power near your plants. By so doing, you get sturdier plants.

Seed Packet Instructions

Read seed packets

Many seed packets come with loads of instructions. This information is provided to explain how deep your seeds should be, which is critical to your seedling success. Some instructions will indicate whether planting indoor Is okay for the seeds. Some seeds won’t survive transplanting and are better off being started in an outdoor garden. The packet instructions will explain how long it takes for the seed to germinate, and other vital information.

The seed packet should be kept throughout the life-cycle of the plants. Chances are the information contained might be needed at some point.

This are some indoor gardening tips, cheers to your successful gardening!

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