Where Is the Human Mind Located?

For many people, this is not contend-able; The human mind is located in the brain, or better still, the mind is the brain, simple! I guess you probably use these two terms “brain and mind” interchangeably. “Everything is in your brain or Everything is in your mind”.

Are you right?
Let me enlighten you on this complicated subject!

Many scientists and philosophers since the seventeenth century have been involved in the debate over this seemingly harmless question: “What is the definition of the human brain and the human mind?

One of the best arguments came from a French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596~1650), he proposed a dualistic theory of matter and mind. Translating it into today’s computer jargon, we may say that Rene Descartes described the mind as a “software and the brain the hardware”.

Sir Julian Huxley (1887~1975) a British biologist also has this to say: “The brain alone is not responsible for the mind”.

For years, the human society could not provide an explanation in plain English as to how to differentiate the mind and the brain.

Fast forward to the end of the twentieth century, the development of a powerful tool, the “Brain Imaging Technology” has provided an opportunity to see the living human brain at work, this is the only way possible for humans to fully understand better how the human brain works.

Neuroscience has provided computerized technology for studying the live brain. It has gone a long way in shedding light into many inexplicable facts about the human brain.

We now have an accurate definition of the brain and the mind according to neuroscience; “The mind is the brain in action. The mind is the state when the brain is alive and at work. When the brain is dead, the mind cannot function”.

The brain and the mind need each other, the mind exists in the live brain. This explains a perfect inseparable unity between two inseparable parts of human existence.

Do we now say that the mind and the brain are the same? Definitely – not!

The brain is not the mind, and the mind is not the brain!

What then is the brain? The brain would be said to be some kind of bio-machine which produces the mind, alternatively, a living and functioning brain produces the mind.

So what is the mind? The mind is simply a product of a living brain.

Sounds Complicated?
Well, I already told you it is a complicated subject!

This post has the title “Where Is the Human Mind Located”? what would your answer be? No Idea?

Let’s make this subject simpler.

The location of a human mind is a living, working brain. A dead brain has no mind!!

We will always wax philosophical on this simple question: “What is the definition of the human mind and the human brain?”

Still confused?

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