How to get rid of large face pores.

How to get rid of large face pores – Ever taken a look at the skin on your face? I mean a long hard look at it? Of course, it looks perfect and pleasant from a distance, but it’s actually a mass of skin flakes, oils, pores, and hairs. And as you age, you start seeing wrinkles. Yikes!

Second only to nasty acne and unwanted facial hair, large pores remain one of the problematic issues preventing you from looking your best. Here at Herbalpharmal, we like to help our readers to look beautiful, radiant and feeling confident. By popular request on how to get rid of large face pores, now you have it, let’s dive in straight at some of the options available for shrinking the hideous pores.

This is how to get rid of large face pores naturally

The bad news is: you can’t actually shrink pores. Pores are structural components of the skin, and they can’t be removed or changed in any way, more so, pore sizes are determined by genetic factors.

The good news: there is actually a way you can support your skin pores from growing larger over time, you can also maintain skin hygiene to keep your skin healthy and pores clear, and unnoticeable.

Some individuals prefer pore-shrinking laser treatments, while others opt for silicon-based makeup which forms a fill in the pores giving it a smoother appearance. Personally, I prefer to have my skin uncovered, unencumbered and untreated, hence the quest for how to get rid of large face pores naturally.


veggies and fruits are good to remove facial pores

There is no other place to control the outward appearance other than from the inside, beauty they say starts from the inside out. You can smoothen your body from the inside-out by consuming veggies and fruits, consume lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and any other natural food rich in protein agreeable to you.

Add some traditional superfoods like fermented and cultured foods, broth etc. and some healthy fats and oil into the mix, and you are good to go.


Your diet will be highly effective if you supplement with magnesium and zinc, you will be greatly increasing the pore reducing efficacy of your diet. Magnesium and zinc help restore skins oil balance, clearing pores and making them look smaller.

Avoid allergenic foods

How to get rid of large face pores by avoiding food allergies like gluten

Avoid allergenic foods such as gluten which may upset your stomach and elicit an immune response. Personally, consuming gluten once in a while leads to days of discomfort afterward. I develop dull skin, dark circles develop under my eyes, and I have an outbreak of pimples making my pores looking terrible.

It is essential you watch you’re the food you consume closely to see possibly if there is a food or foods that may be the trigger for your unwanted complexion struggles.


The next on how to get rid of large face pores is sleep, I hope you have noticed that after a stressful weekend, or a weekend where you have had many late nights and glasses of wine or after a long flight, your skin texture and tone take a dip.

Ensure you have a healthy sleep routine and you will notice your skin complexion will begin to glow as your body is better able to detox your skin giving you a youthful glow.


How to get rid of large face pores by using sugar and essential oils

Exfoliating is an effective routine in keeping your skin bright and your pores clear. You can read on how to make a facial scrub using sugar through this link. You can also mix olive oil, a spoonful of sugar and some essential oil.

You can also make facial scrub by mixing honey with baking soda. Whichever ever you choose, scrub your face gently, and rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

I have a friend whose choice of exfoliator is a soft brush fitted with natural bristles. This bears a striking semblance to ayurvedic dry-brushing, usually done on the body. To exfoliate your face, you need to a smaller, softer brush. With the aid of warm water, scrub your face in circle gently in warm water, work your way up the neck and over your whole face.


Skin soothers

You might have been looking out for natural things on the list to apply on your face so as to minimize your skin pores. Rosewater is a fantastic skin tightener, aloe vera is another skin soother which has healing and anti-aging properties.

Clay mask

Often times, pores appear larger when they are clogged with oils, dirt or residues. A natural clay mask will perform wonders in cleansing your skin, clearing your pores and making it smaller.

You can make a homemade clay mask by mixing one teaspoonful of bentonite clay and honey together to form a thick paste. Thin out the paste by adding a little water and apply to your face.

Allow to stay on your face for about ten minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer.

Oil Cleansing

How to get rid of large face pores by using essential oils to remove oil on your face

Like, dissolve like, you can cleanse your face by massaging oil such as apricot oil or sweet almond oil onto your face. It will leave your face moisturized while cleaning out your pores.

Oil cleansing is a pretty simple process, select an oil of choice and apply to your face, leave for a couple of minutes. With the aid of a washcloth dipped in hot water, wring it out, placed it on your face until it cools. The steam opens up your pores, this ensures the applied oil of choice cleans them out. Clean your face by wiping with the cloth and close your pores by rinsing with cold water afterward.

If you are trying clear blackheads, oil cleansing or clay masks are very effective. Squeezing blackheads can cause skin damage or scarring, and this will impair your skin complexion.

Protect your skin

In conclusion, make a conscious effort to protect your skin from Ultraviolet (UV) damage from the sun. UV can reduce your skin elasticity and thin out your skin over time, leaving your skin pores very noticeable.

During midday stay out of the sun, wear a hat as this period are when UV rays are strongest. Or better still, wear natural sunscreens which have zinc oxide as part of its formulation.

And there you have it “How to get rid of large face pores” and without expending much energy you can clear your pores, maintain a youthful glow, thereby leaving you with the best complexion possible. Your skin is delicate, keep it impeccably healthy, and remember the most important beauty accessory you can wear is a smile!

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