This Is how ladies Can Pee While Standing (Help Nature Too)

Toilet inequalities is why you go for a walk with a group of friends, the males can face a tree to pee, while the ladies walk through at least 100 feet of trees to find a suitable place to hide, squat and pee.

Similarly, during an outing, you need a public toilet, “lo and behold” it is dirty. Public toilets are designed in such a way that men have a no-touch option, but women don’t. What if you can pee while standing huh!?

At the bus stop, the mall or cinema, the queue at the women convenience  is almost twice that of men’s. There are 2 good reasons for that.

First, women are expected to take children to toilets, change diapers (even though both men and women are capable of doing that).

Second, women are biologically wired to visit the toilet a little more frequently than men.

women can pee while standing with the appropriate device
Stand-up and pee and help nature too!

But a key reason is that men’s toilets are designed having urinals, packing more peeing males into the same amount of space as the women toilet.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, the way we pee and poo is not permanently fixed.

Throughout history, men and women are documented to squat to poo, (and it’s actually better that way). Similarly, women can pee while standing.

How to make an homemade  pee chute

Considering what this item is going to be used for, it is not too important that its design and branding is trendy. As it is, we produce a lot of wastewater so why not grab a strong scissors and make your own? With this you can pee while standing.

Ziafra Miriam came up with this concept while working on a permaculture-project with no access to toilet facilities.

She suggest you get an empty shampoo container, a washing detergent container or an empty container that is flat-oval shaped, not round, then cut it as illustrated below:

cut your shampoo bottle this way to make a pee chute, used to pee while standing
Cut your shampoo bottle, or another similar bottle, like this. (picture for illustration purposes)

The smaller end should be cut off, as that is the exit of the pee. If you have a rough edge which could cause discomfort, use a sandpaper to smoother the cut edges……. You are good to go!

How to use the pee chute

your pee chute should look like this. this allows you pee while standing
 The final product: A recycled pee chute. (Photo by Zafra Miriam)

To make use of the pee chute, you need an underwear movable to a side.

Position it between your legs, with the closed end set just behind your urethra. It doesn’t need to touch you, and it must not be pressed too hard.

Slant the chute downwards (roughly 45 percent), and aim away. Ziafra Miriam said the back edge can be used to catch drips, shake it then wash it off later.


Purchasable pee chutes

If DIY does not walk for you for whatever reason, there are a range of manufactured products designed to help women pee while standing.

The Pstyle comes in different variety of colors, this product has been recommended by many hikers and other women. Usage is as same as the DIY method.

It doesn’t seem to have any advantage over the DIY container, but manufacturers claim it possesses the required amount of rigidity and surface texture to enhance liquid flow.

The urinal device also seems to be a popular alternative, though I feel it has too many inner gaps and corners for ease of cleaning.

You can buy Pee chute here on konga

This is how to pee while standing without a urinary device

Another alternative is to go device free. This lady claims she can pee standing up with pants up, no devices and no mess, while at home, hiking or using public toilets.

She once tried using a urinal and it was no good at all. The technique, she says is to “get a hold of the inner labia, ensuring nothing obstruct the pee stream.

This is the rationale behind women using toilet paper to wipe when they pee sitting down. Their pee stream is obstructed and splashing on stuff in the way”.

After that, she controls the pressure, allowing the urine to flow out using her kegel muscle to obstruct the stream and prevent urine dribbling at the end.

You can have a go at it if you are a woman, let’s have your comments in the comment section. I don’t think it’s as hard as it sounds. Lol!

Urine has more uses than you’d think

Whether or not you use a device to pee, or you are a person with a penis, there are beneficial ways to use your urine.

Urine can fertilize your plants

In your garden or when you are hiking, you can use your urine to fertilize plants. A study in Finland discovered that combining urine and wood ash as the same fertilizing effect as that of traditional fertilizer.

Urine contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium; it is great for plants and poses no health risks. (unlike your feces)
Scientists use urine for heating.

Urine can be used for heating

A Recent discovery has shown that urine can be harnessed for energy. A scientist at Keio University in Japan has developed a Barn house that is heated by urine.

This research finding is not widespread yet, but it is soothing to know that urine regarded as something disgusting has a wide range of uses.

Worthy of note is four Nigerian teenage girls, they developed a generator powered by pee, with just a liter of pee, the generator will keep going for 6 hours.

This might not be something you can DIY yourself but consider the massive implications for people all around the world with irregular power supply.

Your pee reflects your overall health

Urine can be used as a health indicator, different colors and smells can be a symptom of different health conditions from STDs, dehydration (dark yellow), liver problems etc. after peeing ensure you check to see what your urine looks like.
Are you a woman, have you tried to pee while standing? How did it go?

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