Homemade Lavender Vinegar Laundry Rinse to Brighten, Deodorize, and Soften Clothes

You can turn your dreaded laundry chore into a luxury with this homemade aromatic Lavender vinegar Laundry Rinse.

This can be used in place of synthetic chemical fragrance and fabric softeners. The scent will uplift you, your whites will become whiter, colors brighter, odors eliminated and your laundry softened naturally. Think about it! It is even more appealing because is all natural therefore biodegradable and won’t harm you nor the planet.

Lavender Vinegar Laundry Rinse Materials and Methods


French lavender oil 1 teaspoon (Lavandula augustifolia)
Distilled white vinegar 16 ounces


  • Mix the distilled with the essential oils as using the measurement above
  • With the aid of a funnel, pout the combo into a bottle or glass jar
  • Shake properly and label the bottle accordingly, clearly stating it meant for laundry and not cooking.
  • To use a homemade lavender vinegar laundry rinse, shake the bottle to form a uniform mix with the essential oils and add a quarter cup (¼) to the fabric softener tray if your washing machine has one or to your laundry’s final rinse cycle. For large loads, add about half cup (½).


Other Essential Oils can be used

You can replace lavender oil with other essential oils of choice that are great for laundry, e.g. eucalyptus.
When shopping for scents meant for laundry rinses, ensure you are buying organic ones. They are often found in vitamin stores, aromatherapy suppliers and natural food markets.

Lavender Vinegar Laundry Rinse  can also be gifted to family and friends, it is economical and easy to make. Add some fancy labeling or gift tags, stating the benefits and uses if you are giving them away as a gift.

Vinegar is available in many different sizes and brand names. You can buy a 16-ounce bottle, remove the label, add your essential oil of choice and have the bottle relabeled. Nothing could be easier!

If your vinegar comes in a jumbo-sized bottle, and need a smaller storage for your vinegar rinse, why not re-purpose a glass milk jar or mayonnaise jar?

How does Lavender Vinegar Laundry Rinse work?

Vinegar is acidic, this property helps remove traces of mineral deposits or alkaline detergents, giving you a soft, non-dingy looking laundry. Additionally, acetic acid in vinegar and other properties helps combat bacteria, mold, and viruses, making it great for washing dirty clothes and cleaning rags. Vinegar is also a deodorizer.

Vinegar also adds scents to your laundry, and its inherent antiviral, fungicidal, antiseptic and antiviral helps fight germs and molds.
This mix can also be used to clean your washing machine. To remove buildup of soap scum, mold or mineral deposits. Just ass a cup of your vinegar rinse to a hot-water cycle and run your washing machine empty. This is also a form of maintenance that can be carried out periodically.

Warnings and Precautions

Vinegar irritates the eye on contact, liberally flush your eyes with water for several minutes, 5 to 10 minutes on contact.
Essential oils should not contact your eyes, if it happens, flush liberally with water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Consult your health adviser if irritation persists. On exposure to your skin, wash with warm soapy water. Most essential oils are not toxic to the skin, such as coconut and lavender, which is widely used to treat insect bites, skin burns and many more.

Under no circumstance should you mix vinegar with bleach. It will form a toxic chlorine gas.

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