Guidelines for keeping your car in shape.

Keep your car in shape – Having a car is groovy. You can drive to anywhere you want at any time of the day on the comfort of the four wheels. Music blaring, a.c chilling, head slowly nodding to the beat and you are the man of the moment.

Unfortunately, your car beautiful paint job won’t remain polished forever if you don’t maintain it by washing, waxing at regular intervals, similarly your engine may not come alive the next time you turn your key because just as humans need to eat, sleep, do some exercises, stay hygienic, and go for occasional medical checkups in order to remain active and healthy , you also need to show some love to your car to keep it active on the road, out of the mechanic workshop and keep your car in shape.

tips to keep your car in shape

If you have ever paid a huge amount of money to have something fixed in your car, something that could have been prevented if you had managed your car properly, I am sure you would have regretted it. When last did you show your car some love? When last did you try to intentionally reduce the possibility of a mechanical breakdown?

The following are routine maintenance tips that can fix all that and keep your car in shape, actively on the road and in top shape.

1    Checking and changing the engine oil.

This is one of the most important life-extending steps you can take to keep your engine running for long. It is important you change your oil and filters regularly as this has a direct effect on your engine lubrication, it helps to prevent wear and tear and also to filter dirt responsible for corrosion. If your engine parts are deprived of adequate lubrication, friction occurs in the moving parts which lead to overheating and consequently damage.

changing of engine oil can help keep your car in shape

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2    Cooling

It is often recommended that you change your coolant as well as flush your car cooling system every 30,000 miles or once every two years. This is done to keep your car engine in good health, however, different car manufacturers have different recommendations. You are better off checking your car’s manual for its specific cooling system guideline. The coolant function by absorbing excess heat generated from the engine so as to prevent a breakdown due to overheating, as well as removal of sediments and rusts buildup in your car cooling system.

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3    Cleaning

It is also imperative you keep the outside of the vehicle just as clean as what is encased in it. Your car underside is not left out, you can incur a great cost if your car frame and body get corroded by road salt or grime. You can clean the underside by hosing off after a winter drive and ensure you wax the body every six months to keep the body gleaming and prevent to rust.

4    Choose a good car insurer

No matter how good you maintain your car, no matter how you follow tips to keep your car in shape, disasters strike when you least expect, most times in form of accidents. Ensure you have your car insured by the best possible insurer, who will have your car repaired to the highest possible standards, using parts sourced from the original manufacturer and the repairs it authorizes are guaranteed.

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