Here are some fun ideas to create new year memories with your kids

Hurrraaay!!!!!!! It is the first day of the year. A day that is primarily geared toward adults. It is a special time to reflect on the past year’s effort and celebrate the new year’s goals and dreams. The first day of the year can also be family time; there are plenty of fun activities to do to make it memorable.

Give a Toast

Give a Toast to create new year memories with your kids

Just because your kids are not eligible to drink alcoholic beverages does not mean they cannot enjoy a toast. Pass around glasses of sparkling ginger ale, cinder, or some other bubbly mocktail. Have your kids take turns toasting one another with compliments, ensure everyone is involved. After each toast, everyone should take one sip of their drink.

Drop Balloons

Drop Balloons will create new year memories with your kids

Balloons are lovely at children’s parties; a balloon drop is perfect for the new year celebration. Suspend some balloons in a net above your kids and release them at a preset time. Alternatively, you can fill the balloons with confetti before your kids blow them up. You can have your kids pop them for fun.

Scrapbook the Year’s Memories

Scrapbook the Year’s Memories with your kids

You can also dedicate some hours of the first day to scrapbooking with your kids. Tell your guests to bring some pictures of fond memories from the past year. Offer everyone a blank scrapbook page and scrapbooking materials. Each person should add their pictures along with written accomplishments from the year to the page. They should also write their resolutions for the new year. Finally, everyone should share their finished pages.

Have a Game Marathon

If you have guests staying over, you will need to find a way to keep them occupied for hours spent. Board games are a fantastic option, a fun way to pass the time. They are engaging for kids and takes plenty of time to complete. Karaoke is also a great option. A dance party is always fun and will keep everyone moving and happy. You can also hand out glow sticks, turn out the lights, and play some glow-in-the-dark party games.

Create a Piñata Ball

It won’t be a memorable first day of the year if you do not watch a ball drop. For a new year’s kid-friendly party, make a ball-shaped piñata, a replica of the big ball that drops in New York City. Engage your kids by having them decorate it with sparkly beads, paint, and glitter. At midday, allow your kids to bang it open to find trinkets and candy inside.

Take a trip

Take a trip with your kids to create new year memories

The first day in the new year is also a perfect time to get out of town with your family. Even if it’s a low-key trip, the different surroundings will make your day feel festive. Consider making a trip to ski resorts; they are a great option for a new year’s trip. Also, most of them have New Year’s Day activities geared specifically for families.

Convert your Christmas tree into a “Resolution tree”

Having to remove the Christmas decorations is sometimes a bittersweet activity. Instead of removing the Christmas tree, why not convert it into a resolution tree. Just take down the ornaments and have your kids write down their new year resolutions like getting good grades, eating healthier, and tie these to the tree. Voila! Your Christmas tree becomes a Resolution tree!

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