How to use Curry Leaves for Hair Growth

How to use Curry Leaves for Hair health, glow and Growth
                                    Curry Leaves are good for Hair Growth 

Do you want to have healthy and lustrous long hair? Who doesn’t anyway? I will be sharing in this post how to use Curry Leaves for Hair Growth. In many countries such as Nigeria and India, curry leaves is a kitchen staple, it is often used to season and add flavor to food. It is a kitchen chief ingredient and occupies an important place.

Curry leaves have great benefits in beauty and hair-care treatments. It is used to treat early greying of hair and to stimulate hair growth. Curry leaves can also be consumed or used in combination with other ingredients externally as beauty packs to get healthier hair and skin. Curry leaves can make your hair stronger and add volume.

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Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair growth.

Curry leave contains lots of nutrients that work together to improve hair texture and hair, beta carotene, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin c, iron are some of the nutrients it contains.

One easy way to use curry leaves is to include them in your diet, this ensures that not only your hair benefits but your entire body and skin. It can also be consumed as tea, boil a certain amount in water, add a squeeze of lime or honey for flavor and drink.

This concoction can also be used to massage your hair and scalp before washing. Interesting right? Below are some ways you can use Curry Leaves for Hair Growth.

How to use Curry Leaves and cocnut oil for Hair Growth
                                    Homemade curry leaves recipe for hair growth

Curry Leaves and Coconut oil recipe.

This method is as old as time.
• Add curry leaves and coconut oil into a bowl
• Place the bowl in a larger bowl filled with water and heat, this is to heat the oil.
• At this stage, a black film is formed which can be used to darken hair.
• Another effective method albeit long is to add curry leaves to coconut oil then store in a glass container. Leave it in the sun for 30 days until it turns black.
• Apply to hair and wash off.

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Curry Leaves and Yogurt recipe. 

• Blend some curry leaves and make a paste. (add little water)
• Add the curry paste into a small bowl of yogurt.
• Apply the paste to the lengths of your hair and scalp.
• This will strengthen hair follicles and shafts, attacks dandruff, and also prevent hair fall.
• The curry leaves darken the hair preventing early greying, the yogurt makes the hair shiny and soft.

curry leaves and coconut oil for hair growth

Curry Leaves powder as Hair wash. 

• Add amla powder, soap nut and curry leave in equal quantities. (Amla powder is very rich in vitamin C)
• Mix properly and store in a bottle.
• Wash hair regularly with it. It helps hair become stronger and healthier.

Curry Leaves with Onions

• Peel a medium sized onion and slice into pieces
• Extract the onion juice, add a teaspoonful of curry paste to it.
• Stir evenly.

Apply to hair and scalp and allow to relax the hair for 20 minutes. Apply twice in a week for better results.

These are few simple ways you can use curry leaves for hair growth. With these methods you can have a problem free and beautiful hair.


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