CBD Oil and Sleep

I am not sure anyone can state when CBD oil became the next big thing in natural health and alternative remedies. But every I go, someone somewhere is talking about it.

I once had a CBD oil cocktail in New York in late 2018 and felt hesitant about it. But as it turns out, it has far more uses than the other conventional quirky cocktails.

CBD products have taken over the market, the beauty of this magic oil is the fact that it can be used to ease the side effects of cancer, menstruation, potent as a pain reliever, a natural remedy for anxiety and a potent sleep aid.

In this article, we will discuss how cannabidiol or CBD impact sleep.


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What is CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is an oil extract from the cannabis plant. CBD comes from marijuana plants but can be separated from his chemical neighbor THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Which is the main component in cannabis that gets people high when they eat or smoke marijuana. And the reason CBD remains a controversial subject for those who don’t really understand what it is.

CBD’s effectiveness is attributed to its ability to increase the endocannabinoids in the body. Endocannabinoids are completely natural and healthy, it is produced by everyone. Since CBD oil works with chemicals already present in the body, it is natural but can elicit differing effects on individuals.

Is CBD Oil the same as getting high?


It contains only a minute amount of THC which have no impact on your mental state. THC affects brain receptors, it is what causes the psychoactive state known as getting high.

On the other hand, CBD oil only influences your brains receptors. Therefore, you can not get high from using it.

CBD has other side effects shared in common with THC, after all, they are close neighbors. That is why you feel similar responses such as anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, relaxation but without any psychoactive effects.

The Relationship Between CBD Oil and Sleep

There are no scientific facts which prove the efficacy of CBD oil for great sleep. But there has been recent scientific reports of its effectiveness in curing insomnia.

The FDA recently approved the use of Cannabis-based medicine Epidiolex for the treatment of epilepsy. With the CBD industry set to break the $22 billion barriers by 2022, more research and development into CBD oil is bound to be on the horizon.

Presently, scientists are more concerned with identifying the link between CBD oil and sleep. The anti-inflammatory, calming properties work in tandem to promote deep sleep without the accompanying hangover observed in conventional sleep drugs like Benadryl, Ambien, and Lunesta.

Other Things to know about CBD products.

There is little regulation on the CBD industry, so carry out personal research on any product before buying.

Although are many scientific reports showing CBD is a harmless supplement. But, just like any other drug, it can react when used with other daily medications. It is therefore essential to check in with your medical adviser before taking it for sleep.

CBD oil has also been shown to prevent daytime drowsiness and increase brain stimulation. This is the reason why you should ascertain your body reaction to the product, especially when you intend to use CBD oil for better sleep.

In most cases, CBD is an incredibly subtle compound, and after use, you might be wondering if its even working at all.

Since sleep is essential to our wellbeing, and there are few alternative remedies out there, this has made CBD one of the most talk about product in 2019.


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