How to use Camphor for Hair Growth

What is Camphor?

How to use Camphor for Hair Growth

Botanical name: Cinnamomum camphora
Camphor is a white crystalline substance produced from Laurel Wood. Many cosmetic products like hair cream, lotion, creams have camphor as ingredients.

The chemical component is the combination of the following: Pinene, Camphene, B-pinene, P-cymene, Furfural, Camphor, Linalool, Borneol, Piperitone etc

Camphor is used all around the world for various traditional rituals, not many are aware of its inherent benefits.

Its unique chemical characteristics confer it with anti-bacterial, anti-inflamatory properties which is a potent fighter of infections like lice, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Two forms of camphor are available – the edible and the synthetic form. In using camphor for hair growth, hair health and skin care, I am referring to the readily available synthetic form. in this post, I will be discussing how to utilize camphor for hair growth and hair health.

-Camphor for hair growth

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How to make Camphor oil
You can make camphor oil for your hair, you can either make one at home or buy from the store. Ingredients are coconut oil and 2 camphor (2 pieces)  to produce camphor oil.

How to use Camphor and coconut oil for Hair Growth
   Camphor and coconut oil for Hair Growth

Warm the coconut oil on gas, alternatively, you can pour it into a microwave plate and warm in a microwave for a minute.

Add your camphor and allow it to completely dissolve in the coconut oil. camphor oil is ready.

The following are the amazing benefits of your homemade camphor oil;
• Fights Dandruff
• Relieves itchy scalp
• Stop Hair Loss
• Stimulates hair re-growth
• Kills Lice

Aside from the above-listed benefits, camphor oil can also be used for the following related hair problems.

Camphor Oil for Grey Hair

Grey Hair is a common problem irrespective of Whether it’s a school going girl or an elderly person, this problem is faced by all.

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However, no one likes to age early so hair dye is the only way out. unfortunately, Chemical dyes produced to address this problem are very harsh on the skin and can cause hair fall and scalps problem.

Premature greying of hair can be prevented by regular oiling with camphor oil without any side effects

• Camphor
• Hibiscus flowers
• Coconut oil

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Boil coconut oil with hibiscus flower and add 2 pieces of camphor allow it to dissolve and apply this combination in its lukewarm state, massage the scalp and hair nicely. Regular massage with this combination prevents early greying of hair.

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Camphor Oil for Baldness

How to use Camphor for bald hair
               Camphor for bald hair patch

Bald spots on the scalp make hair styling difficult and prevent hair styling as desired. Bald spots can be caused by pollution as well as stress but this can be easily cured with camphor oil.

• Camphor
• Fenugreek seeds
• Coconut oil

Warm coconut oil and add fenugreek powder, allow it some time to boil together. Add pieces of camphor and allow it to dissolve. Generously massage your bald spots and hair root with this combination and repeat 3 times a week to stimulate hair growth for desired results.

Camphor Oil for Lice

If you have itchy and flaky scalp your hair may be infested with lice. Lice can damage your hair roots, it’s an indication of bad hygiene and it’s transferable from one person to the other. Get rid of the lice and solve your hair problem

• Camphor
• Castor Oil
• Olive oil

Add olive oil to castor oil in ratio 3:1 and warm it. Add 2 pieces of camphor allow it to dissolve and apply to your scalp and hair. With regular application, the Camphor antibacterial properties attack the lice while the olive oil nourishes the hair strands.

I hope you like my post on how to Use Camphor for Hair growth, go make your homemade camphor oil and make your hair glow. Thank you!


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