Big Boobs Struggles and What You Can do

Some ladies crave for more; others are willing to shed some. Wondering? I am talking about breast size! Many small breasted women wish to have more to fill out their clothes. On the other hand, there are the big boobs women who wish it was a little smaller to work with.

This might sound like the classic “I want what I don’t have,” but the struggle is real, large breasted women face many challenges. Women who are sized DD or bigger will understand some of these frustrations.

Big Boobs Sweat

Lift the breast one after the other, you will find a hot hidden area underneath, perfect for sweat formation especially if you are in warm weather. To tackle the incessant sweat from this area, you need to wear bras made from organic materials only.

You need to stop wearing the synthetic bras and consider materials that won’t trap sweat. Furthermore, ditch the padding, you don’t really need it. Padding will only make the sweating worst. Wear a thin, non-padded mesh bra to control the sweat.

Dresses Fit Apart From Your Breasts

Women with big boobs often buy big clothes to accommodate their girls. You may appear as wearing a sack if you are not careful. This happens all the time, you find a fantastic dress, butt fits, shoulders fit, waist fits and the boobs…. Arrrgh! Forget about it!

When next you go shopping, try the following, they accommodate larger bust – fit, v-neck, wrap dress, and fit & flare styles

Your Bras Look Like a Standard Military Wear

Ok, so you dreamt of a pretty bra that makes you feel sexy and feminine. Unfortunately, big-busted bras only come in two colors, black or nude and there are just a few different styles. Furthermore, many looks like a brace or armored protection – not sexy right? With small and pretty bralletes not on your dress radar, it’s pretty difficult to feel great about your underwear.

Fortunately, few online shops look to help women with big boobs embrace their womanliness. You can choose either of the following:

Leading Lady – This brand offers large and sex collection of bras for women to cup size K

Goddess – This store has a lot of lingerie for women with big boobs including full coverage and lace style that is feminine and playful up to a G cup size.


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Hello, I am up here… people stare, really

When you are trying to have a decent conversation with people, do they look at your face or stare at your boobs? This is a problem large breasted women face all the time. Your breast monopolizes a big part of your body, it is hard for people to stop staring.

One way to prevent this is to shift your weight and gently turn away. This way, you give the impression you know what they are doing. Why not be more overt and remind the person where you are “up, yeah your face.” Remember, whatever you do, do not your shy away or lose your confidence.

Forget Button-Down Shirts

No matter the type of button-down shirt you wear, there will always be the dreaded button gap. Ditch the button downs and consider these flattering top styles, V neck, cowl neck, square neck or scoop. Note, do not buy a big sized button-down shirt, it won’t work!

Crossbody Bags Just Draw More Attention

If you love the cute little crossbody bags, don’t try to wear one if you have big boobs. What they do is conquer and divide, drawing attention to your breast area. Instead, use a stylish backpack style bag or a cute shoulder bag.

Sitting-up Straight is a Workout in Itself

Have you ever slumped over your desk? A pair of D cup boobs can weigh anything from 15 to 23 pounds. This is the average size of two small turkeys. Having said that, the bigger your boobs, the more difficult it is to sit straight up and keep your shoulders up.

Investing in a good bra is therefore essential, but it won’t take the weight off you. Work on your posture by trying the following:

  • Stand straight with your pelvis and shoulders touching the wall. Lift your arms up to your shoulder level with your two elbows touching the wall. Raise your arms as high as you can while still maintaining an elbow contact with the wall. After that, lower your elbows towards your side and squeeze your scapulas together. If done correctly, you will observe a muscular contraction between your shoulder blades. Do this five times a day.
  • Lay on your stomach, place your fingers at the back of your head. Raise your head and your upper chest off the ground and hold still for as long as you can. You will feel sensations in your upper and mid back. If you want a more strenuous workout, raise your feet at the same time while supporting your entire body weight on your pelvis. Do this five times daily.


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