Amazing Benefits of Drinking Water

Benefits of drinking pure water

These days we are not drinking enough good old fashioned pure water. We’re addicted to beverages (coffee, Pepsi, Fanta etc) even during the workouts, we prefer to take sport-shake or energy drink.

Even medical and health care enthusiasts prefer to take flavored vitamin water over a cup of pure water, hereby missing out on the benefits of drinking pure water.

There are limitless benefits of drinking pure water, some of which we might even not be aware of.

According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, water makes up 73% of the brain and heart, 83% of the lungs, 64% of the skin, muscles, and kidneys 79%, even the bones are watery at 31%.

It is thus important for humans to consume a certain amount of water daily for survival; this varies with age, gender and location.

Below are the top 10 benefits of drinking pure water;

1. Weight Loss:

Water helps to keep weight in check in more than one way. When you drink lots of water, it suppresses your appetite and reduces cravings.

Furthermore, when you replace caloried coffee with zero calorie water, it helps control calories levels. Water also flushes out of the body the by-products of fat breakdown.

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2. Cure for Headache:

Recent studies have shown that dehydration is the chief cause of headaches and back pains. Drinking pure water as required helps to relieve headache and back pains.

3. Clear Skin:

The skin is made up of 64% water; it rids the body of dirt and toxins through the skin pores by flushing them out with water. Water cures acne and leaves your face smooth and clear.

In anti-aging therapy, it helps in replenishing worn out skin tissues and acts as a natural moisturizer to the face.

In a dehydrated body, the skin sticks close to the body tissue, causing wrinkles to be more obvious than they really are.

Water increases skin elasticity and blood flow thus making your skin appear fuller and radiant with a glow. You certainly don’t want to miss out on these benefits of drinking pure water.

Amazing benefits of drinking pure water

4. Increased concentration:

The brain is made up of 73% water, making it the principal component of the brain; hence drinking water helps in concentration, focus, and alertness.

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5. Decrease Stress level and Relieves Fatigue:

Water is an essential tool in the body as it is used to flush out toxins, waste and fat by-products from the body. After cleansing, you feel active and energized.

The lesser the amount of water in your body the harder your organs work, if you overwork your organs and they become exhausted you become exhausted and vice versa.

Being hydrated helps you to keep a sound mind and healthy body; it also improves your mood.

6. Maintain healthy Bowel Function:

Dehydration prevents things flowing along your gastrointestinal tract and causes constipation. When dehydrated, the colon extracts water from stools to maintain hydration then you get constipation.

Regular hydration and fiber are essential for good digestion. When dehydrated, there is difficulty in bowel movement as your bowel is dry; water is essential in dissolving waste particles and their smooth passage through your digestive tract.

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7. Exercise and strength ability:

During exercise, water fuels your muscle, regulates your temperature thus making you feel energetic.

The blood is about 80% water and it is a medium used to transport oxygen and essential nutrients to the cells, this underlines the importance of water in body processes, stay hydrated.

If you are not drinking enough water you are overworking your organs, your heart is working incredibly hard to pump blood throughout your body.

Water does not cause bloating contrary to some opinions and it helps to prevent muscle cramps.

8. Improve Immune System:

The immune system is a complex of cells, tissues, and organs that are made up of varying percentage of water, thus at just 1% dehydration we are significantly weaker and prone to infections.

9. Reduce the Risk of Cancer:

Colon also called the large intestine and bladder are excretory organs of the excretory system, adequate water drinking will reduce the risk of cancers in these organs.

The concentration of toxins and other harmful cancer causing substances are diluted by water thereby reducing cancer risk.

10. Reduces the risk of kidney stones:

kidney stones disease is when a solid piece of material forms in the kidney, causing discomfort and pains.

It is often formed when your body is not getting enough fluids, thereby urine becomes concentrated and minerals crystallize and stick together due to the kidney trying to prevent loss of water. Water dilutes the minerals in urine and prevents kidney stone.

So, what quantity of water should I drink?

Adults male need about 12 glasses of water a day, approximately 3 liters, adult females about 2.2 liters per day about 10 glasses of water.

Though I think this is an underestimation, on my workout days I drink up to 5 liters a day and I feel great. Try to keep a bottle of water with you always and always drink water after every meal.

Note, thirst is the first indication of dehydration, don’t wait to feel very thirsty before you have a drink (medically it is considered late for drinking) you should drink before you are thirsty. It is also important to know that some of this water is gotten from food.

So here you have it,  the amazing benefits of drinking pure water! 

Thank you!

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