A mother’s son was dying from cancer so she secretly gave him cannabis tincture

Deryn Blackwell has been nicknamed the “boy in seven billion.” When you read his story of how he beats the odds against a very rare form of cancer, you will understand why.

Deryn was given cannabis tincture to fight a rare form of cancer

A young boy at death’s door miraculous story of survival

Deryn was just 10 years in 2010 when he was diagnosed with leukemia, a form of cancer. Things got worst as his family was informed by the doctors that he was suffering from Langerhans cell sarcoma (a rare form of cancer that the odds of having it are seven billion to one).

Two years later, the diagnosis for this courageous kid didn’t seem too promising. Deryn has had to endure three unsuccessful bone marrow transplants and was about undergoing the last-ditch fourth attempt. There was a deadly complication during this procedure, Deryn was infected by a deadly superbug in the hospital that evidently turned his fingers black and blue.

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The condition was so bleak that Deryn was only alive because of the antibiotics he was on as his immune system was so weak it couldn’t fight the bacteria off itself. As a matter of fact, he was in such great pains that he pleaded with the doctors to amputate his hands. Both Deryn and his family prepared for his funeral.

Deryn was given three days to live as he fights a rare form of cancer
Deryn was given three days to live after fighting a four-year battle with an incredibly rare one in seven billion form of cancer called Langerhans cell sarcoma

When Deryn was at death’s door, mom secretly gave him cannabis to combat this rare form of cancer.

Just imagine the state Deryn’s mother could have been, distraught is an understatement. Doctors told her that her son had just about three to seven days to live at most.

At that point, she decided to do something desperate. In an attempt to reduce his pain and suffering, Callie gave her dying son a cannabis tincture secretly, which she administered sublingually under his tongue. Fast forward to seven years later, that decision has been credited as the turning point.

A medical miracle happens… but mom can’t tell anyone

According to her, “When we’d arrived four weeks earlier, he’d been given three days to live. Now here he was a month later, in far better health than when he’d left his hospital room. They had no idea how this was possible.

Deryn after giving cannabis tincture
Now here he was a month later, in far better health than when he’d left his hospital room. They had no idea how this was possible.

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Then it dawned on me, Since Deryn started to recover, only one thing has changed and it was the “cannabis tincture”. I couldn’t tell the doctors what we’d done.”

At that critical juncture, Callie went public about her decision to give Deryn cannabis tincture, her decision sparked many controversies as well as hope. The Blackwells lived in Britain and up to that point, medical cannabis-based medicines have not been licensed for use in minors.

As a result, Callie realized that she would lose custody of her son if officials found discovered the truth. Furthermore, after going public with her decision, Deryn’s mum has been accused by some of exaggerating the role that cannabis played in her son’s recovery at the expense of the antibiotics and bone marrow transplant, which was credited by experts for saving Deryns life.

Deryn was saved by cannabis tincture

As a matter of fact, the Blackwells insisted that they believe cannabis played a huge role in Deryn’s recovery, but they didn’t lay claim to cannabis being the cure for his cancer. Nonetheless, the family believed the herbal tincture was responsible for the boost in his immune system at a critical stage, thus allowing conventional treatments to take hold.

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According to Callie, “there was a direct correlation between Deryn having the cannabis tincture and his improved blood counts. Whenever he didn’t have it, they dropped. It was enough hard evidence to suggest that cannabis tincture was playing a vital role in his recovery. I hadn’t imagined in my wildest dreams that it could have saved Deryn’s life.”

How cannabis may have helped

In reality, no one would say for certain what saved Deryn’s life. The family also agreed that he probably won’t be alive today without the fourth and last bone marrow transplant, surgery and the conventional drugs. But there is irrefutable evidence which suggests that cannabis-based medication can relieve the pain and nausea associated with cancer and chemotherapy.

Recent studies have further suggested that cannabis does contain tumor-inhibiting compounds. Additionally, recent studies have also shown that herbs have a complex immune modulating effect inasmuch as it has a balancing effect on the various components of the body’s immune system.

Particularly, cannabis appears to have the ability to correct or harmonize imbalances between humoral and cell-mediated immunity. In essence, the cannabis tincture Deryn took could have helped to boost his immune system.

At 17, deryn is alive and well after surviving the rare form of cancer

Now 17, Deryn is alive and well
It is generally agreed that Deryn’s recovery was something of a miracle. The young man occasionally faces issues that are a consequence of his condition and treatments (such as chronic fatigue and aplastic anemia). But he is living fine and has a dream of becoming a vegan chef.

How well can you explain a seven billion medical miracle? Was it the cannabis, a mothers love or the conventional treatment that proved decisive? In my view, it’s most likely it was a synergistic combination of the three factors.
You can see more of Deryn’s amazing story in the following must-see video:

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