9 Things to Eat and Drink to Increase your Sex Drive

Increase your sex drive – Determining the reason for a drop-in libido is always complicated, it can stem from a loss of self-esteem, excessive alcohol intake, stress or tiredness, medications or illnesses etc. These underlying issues can’t be countered by any food or drink.

Studies have not linked any food as being able to directly cause arousal, though there can be a legitimate placebo effect if you think that a hearty ginger fry or a delicious piece of chocolate will turn you on.

Nevertheless, if you are hale, hearty and kicking strong, there are a couple of healthy, delicious foods that can stimulate the production of extra hormones, improve blood flow, promote wellbeing, relaxation, and happiness which are characteristics of a wonderful sex life.

Things to eat and drink to increase your sex drive!

1. Asparagus

Asparagus is a perennial plant rich in vitamin E, it promotes the production of estrogen in females and testosterone in males. It contains the amino acid asparagine which functions by protecting the body against urinary tract infections, which has been implicated in lowering sex drive.

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2. Chocolate
Chocolate is made from cacao which contains fantastic chemicals and compounds such as phenylethylamine, which can stimulate a sense of excitement and happy feeling. It also contains cannabinoid-like fatty acids that can increase your serotonin levels and ultimately increase your body’s pleasure response.

3. Watermelon

This is an incredibly rich fruit which amongst other things contains citrulline amino acid, which is essential for relaxing the blood vessels, which ultimately increase your sex drive.

4. Honey
Looking at honey, you discover its just as sexy as it sounds. It stimulates the production of testosterone in males, and estrogen in females. Recent research has shown that honey increases nitric oxide levels, an important compound needed by the body during arousal.

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5. Magnesium
Magnesium rich foods are also very effective, it doesn’t function by directly increasing your sex drive, rather its ability to help you relax and sleep which could, in turn, have a positive effect on your sex drive. Magnesium is found in high quantities in foods such as edamame, almonds, peanut butter, cashews, black beans, avocado, spinach and soy milk. Magnesium is very essential in stimulating your GABA receptors (which helps you relax), lifting depression, increases energy levels and concentration, reducing stress hormones and combating anxiety.

6. Ginger

Have you felt the intense flavor of ginger? This is potent enough to stimulate anyone, ginger itself does not have a direct correlation with the increase in your libido. It contains gingerol which is responsible for the heat of ginger, it has been attributed to increasing sperm count.

7. Ginseng

In traditional medicine, Chinese Panax ginseng is often prescribed as a sex stimulant because of its nerve stimulating properties. There is another form of ginseng that is more potent about six times the strength of Chinese Panax ginseng. Due to its strong effects on hormonal imbalance, it can boost sexual arousal in menopause women. You can check ginseng in a health store, it is often in powder, liquid and solid form.

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8. Oysters
I understand not everyone likes oysters, but hey, you may want to give it a try if you are looking to increase your zinc and serotonin levels, these two are very Important for sperm and testosterone production. Furthermore, you will derive lots of nutrients and minerals which are good for heart and brain health.

9. Maca
Maca root has been shown to improve women’s sexual desire and also effective for treating male erectile dysfunction. It is a turnip-like vegetable from Peru.

Apart from foreplay, there are numerous natural affordable remedies to boost your libido. Exercise can aid better blood circulation, decreases stress and increase heart function, meditation and yoga are also effective.

More importantly, you need an emotional connection with your partner and cultivate a strong self-esteem, this will let you take charge and be in control of things.

– Oluwatosin Jegede

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