7 Things Your Breasts Say About Your Health

What your breasts say about your health – Your body is a complex system of organs which have amazing ways of communication. It can inform you of an impending change/problem in your body long before it becomes symptomatic-before you realize there is a problem. It Is therefore important to understand your body language as it is vital for good health.
Like many of your body parts, your breast can actually talk to you. Talk, not In a way you are used to, but rather in its own unique way. Most changes in your breast are significant indicators of underlying problems with your health.

The following are 7 things your breasts say about your health.

Your breast is growing bigger: If you observe a significant increase in your breast size, it would be a sign of the following:

You are adding weight – Checking if your jeans button up or not? Forget that! How does your bra fit? One of the significant signs of a change in body weight is an increase in breast size.

Would be a hormonal change – At the onset of your period, during pregnancy or when you are taking birth control pills, your breast can increase in size.

One boob is bigger than the other – Don’t be alarmed! This is very common; most woman don’t exactly have identical sized boobs. Nevertheless, if the change to one side of the breast is quite big and unusual, it could be an early sign of breast cancer. To be on the safe side, visit your health adviser for a checkup.

Your breasts are lumpy and sore: Your breast can feel sore or lumpy because of the following reasons:

You are about to start your period – A lot of women experience lumpiness and tenderness just before menstruation.
You are consuming too much caffeine – Breast tenderness could also be a sign that you have too much caffeine in your system. Try cutting down on your caffeinated and soda drinks and see if the tenderness goes away.


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Nipples are leaking a milky white discharge: Many hold the opinion you need to be pregnant or breastfeeding to have nipple discharge. It could mean you are physically stimulated. The leaky nipple can also be as a result of medications, especially antipsychotic and antidepressants drugs that increase prolactin levels, the hormone responsible for milk let down. This effect most times is nothing to be worried about. Milky white discharge can also be a pointer to a noncancerous tumor, especially if the discharge is only from one breast.

Your veins are quite visible: If your veins are translucent or pale, you may be susceptible to skin cancer or sunburn. Ensure you take necessary precaution to prevent overexposure to sunlight.

The skin on your breast looks like an orange peel: Breast skin should be smooth, if you observe it is rough, like an orange peel, it could be a sign you have breast cancer. Particularly, if you have a hard nipple or areolar, consult your health adviser immediately and have it checked out.

You have a retracted nipple or puckering of breast tissue: If you notice your nipples are retracted, a puckering or dimpling of your breast skin – it’s time to pay your health adviser a visit. This is a sign of breast cancer and needs immediate attention.

Above all – do monthly self-exams
Be in touch with your breast, regularly look at them and feel them. Do self-examination regularly and pay attention to any changes. Some things may seem odd to others but could simply be part of who you are. Regular self-examination on your breasts will allow you notice if anything unusual is going on.

These seven things are what your breasts say about your health!

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