7 Natural Foods To Help You Stop Snoring

Natural Foods To Help You Stop Snoring – Do you snore? Does your partner snore? About 24% of women and 40% men have been estimated to be habitual snorers. This means they snore almost every time they sleep.
If you or a loved one is a habitual snorer, you probably will have tried several Natural Foods To Help You Stop Snoring, such as neti pot, anti-snore pillows or snore strips to no avail.

Snoring can be irritating at times, it disrupts both the snorer’s sleep and those around them. Snoring is a function of how healthy you are, the healthier and closer to your ideal weight, the less likely you are to snore. To combat snoring, you need to consume healthy foods, the following foods are effective at combating snores. These might just be your natural solution to snoring.

Natural Foods To Help You Stop Snoring

Honey has powerful medicinal properties to help stop snoring
Honey has powerful medicinal properties.


Looking for a sweet solution? You found one – Honey. Raw and organic Honey is a well-known therapeutic agent. This wonderful bee gift reduces swelling, soothes irritation and relaxes the throat. If you observe you snore when you have a cold, drop a spoonful of honey in warm lemon water. Drink before bed, your throat will be cleared and snoring will be kept at bay.
Stir this golden spice in milk.

turmeric and milk can cure snoring
Stir this golden spice in milk.


Turmeric the golden miracle spice. Turmeric multitude of medicinal properties is known to many. The golden spice has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Most snorers have inflamed nasal passages, to fix this; two organic teaspoonfuls of turmeric should be mixed with a glass of warm milk. Add cinnamon to the combo and drink about 30 minutes before bed.


Onions is a natural remedy to stop snoring
Eat some onions before bed.


Onions are loaded with antioxidants and natural decongestants. Nibble on raw onions before bed to clear your sinuses and chest congestion. Additionally, it boosts your immune system and fights tooth decay.

pineapple is a natural food to stop snoring
Pineapple is a sweet inflammation busting fruit.


Pineapple is an anti-inflammatory food. It is fortified with bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme which confers its anti-inflammatory property. Eat a few pieces of fresh pineapples before bed to combat inflammation which causes snoring. Bromelain has also combat mucus in the nose and lungs.

Horseradish is a natural food to stop snoring


Horseradish is a very pungent Natural Foods To Help You Stop Snoring, it is therefore not for the faint of heart. It is very effective in drying mucus, relieving sinus of blockages that cause snoring. If you want to enjoy this condiment, you should consider adding a little dollop on some fresh tomatoes, then add some salt and pepper.

Garlic is a natural remedy for inflammation causing snoring
Garlic help to kill inflammation


Garlic has both antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is also an anti-inflammatory food which can relieve swellings in the tonsils that causes snoring. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, chew few cloves of fresh garlic before bed. Trust me, your partner won’t mind the garlic scent if it stops your snoring. The exchange is worth it!

peppermint is a remedy for snoring
Mint makes a delicious tea.


Fresh peppermint has both antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which will keep your airways open and unblocked. To maximize its anti-snoring power, add some fresh peppermint in hot water, add some honey and drink before bed.

There you have it – 7 Natural Foods To Help You Stop Snoring. Let me know if any of these work for you.

– Oluwatosin Jegede

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